Mesiä, Susanna

Master of Music Pop & Jazz Vocal Teacher


Mesiä, Susanna: Constructing a community of networked expertise in pop/jazz vocal pedagogy: A collaborative project between teachers in Nordic countries’ higher music education

In this collaborative action research project teachers of various musical and educational backgrounds, currently teaching pop/jazz vocals in Nordic higher education, share their professional knowledge and address the challenges that arise through their work. By meeting in person and online, the teachers reflect on these topics both individually and together. The research data also includes individual interviews and a researcher’s diary. Through this project I investigate the supports and constraints upon the development of a community of networked expertise (Hakkarainen, Palonen, Paavola & Lehtinen, 2004), a joint or shared competence of an organized group of experts. I also focus on the new knowledge of

pop/jazz vocal teaching produced by the collaborative work. Various challenges emerge in pop/jazz vocal pedagogy, as it is a young tradition that has developed in relative isolation. New research on different vocal techniques introduces new issues for teachers. Emerging factions of vocal teachers have formed as a result of international, commercially based vocal methods competing against each other. By facilitating collegial collaboration this project produces valuable information for the international field of pop/jazz singers, educators and researchers.