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Published Fri, 14/06/2019 - 11:00
Academy of Fine Arts
Application deadline 06.08.2019 15:00




The Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki invites applications for a part-time (50 %) professorship of artistic research to be filled for a fixed term of five years from 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2024. The justifications for offering the position on a fixed-term basis include the flexibility required in the changing needs of teaching, the constant development of artistic instruction, and the need for artistic renewal. The application period for the position starts on 14 June and it will end on 6 August, 2019, 3 o’clock p.m. (UTC +3). The position of Professor of Artistic Research is administratively based in the doctoral degree programme.


Launched in January 2013, the University of the Arts Helsinki is the result of the merger of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Sibelius Academy, and Theatre Academy Helsinki. The total number of students is approximately

The Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki is an international academy that has trained visual artists since 1848. The study programmes include Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts, and the students are offered instruction in five subject areas: painting, sculpture, printmaking, time and space arts, and joint studies. Students can also complete a Master’s degree in Fine Arts in the Praxis Master’s programme. The Academy’s Doctoral Programme offers doctoral degrees in Fine Arts. In all, the Academy of Fine Arts has approximately 270 students, of which app. 30 are undertaking doctoral studies.

Instruction at the Academy combines theory and practice to support the students’ artistic development. The programmes emphasise individual instruction, which allows the students to receive sustained personal guidance while working independently. The Academy of Fine Arts maintains a dynamic relationship with the world of fine arts as the Academy’s instructors pursue active artistic careers along with their teaching duties.

Learning at the Academy is centred around the students’ own artistic practice and providing support to it. Discussion is also an important part of learning at the Academy of Fine Arts, as it allows students to examine various processes and methods related to their work as well as different contexts of presentation and the relationship between the form and the contents of the artworks. By studying theoretical questions pertaining to fundamental topics in the fine arts and applying research-based working methods, the students learn to appreciate the connections between different forms of art as well as their traditions and history.


Doctoral Programme

Since 1997, it has been possible to complete a postgraduate degree, Doctor of Fine Arts (DFA), at the Academy of Fine Arts. The doctoral studies provide the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct independent artistic research.

The Doctoral Programme at the Academy of Fine Arts is responsible for organising the doctoral education at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts Helsinki. The programme provides instruction for artists and artist-researchers working within the field of fine arts.

Doctors graduating from Acdemy of Fine Art´s doctoral programme work as specialists in their own fields, carry out artistic activities, and produce new information, skills and understanding related to various artistic practices that find applications in the field of arts and other fields in society. The doctoral programme of the University of the Arts Helsinki promotes the artist-researchers’ ability to apply their expertise as artists, researchers, teachers and specialists.

In addition to doctoral education, the Academy of Fine Arts hosts postdoctoral researchers. The research conducted at the Academy focuses on artistic meanings, interpretations, practices, techniques and methods – including the methodology of artistic research – as well as principles and institutional organisation pertaining to artistic activities, art education, the reception of art and its applications.

The research community at the Academy of Fine Arts consists of doctoral students, teachers and researchers and administrative staff. Artistic activities and research hold an equally important role in the research of the doctoral students and other researchers at the Academy of Fine Arts. Consequently, the Academy promotes both the research within the field of contemporary fine arts and the active role of art in society.

The languages of instruction are Finnish and English.


Duties of the part-time (50 %) Professor of Artistic Research

The professor will carry out artistic and theoretical work as well as provide teaching and supervision based thereon. The professor will also follow the developments in the field of art and artistic research and take part in community interaction and international cooperation in the field.

The specific duties of the part-time (50 %) Professor of Artistic Research include the following:

• To provide and develop teaching in the doctoral programme

• To carry out independent artistic and research activities

• To bear special responsibility for the instruction and personal supervision of doctoral students

• To supervise and examine theses

• To participate in the planning and development of the curriculum of the doctoral programme

• To take part in the collaborative activities between the subject areas of the Academy of Fine Arts and the subject area of joint studies

• To participate in the communal activities within the university (e.g. being a member in committees and administrative bodies, and working with tasks related thereto; being involved in the student selection process)

• To collaborate with the Academies of the University of the Arts Helsinki as well as with other universities and institutions

• To follow current developments in art and promote community interaction and international collaboration

• To perform other duties belonging or assigned to the professor.


The duties of the professor will be further specified, and their quantitative ratios confirmed, in the annual workload plan.


Eligibility and qualification requirements of the Professor of Artistic Research

The qualification requirements of the Professor of Artistic Research include excellent artistic and research merits and qualifications, an applicable doctoral degree, good teaching skills and comprehensive knowledge of the field of contemporary art.

The successful candidate will also show familiarity and an interest in the development of artistic research and the doctoral programme, good interpersonal skills and experience in international activities.

The appointee must have a good command of Finnish and at least a satisfactory command of Swedish. They must have an excellent command of English. The university may grant an exemption from the language requirements if valid justifications are presented in accordance with the staff regulations of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

When assessing the merits of the applicant, attention will also be paid to their prior teaching and supervision experience at the university level, pedagogical training and academic leadership experience.


Working hours and salary

The professor’s working hours will be based on a total annual workload of 1,624 hours as defined in the collective agreement. The annual workload of the part-time (50 %) professor of Artistic Research is 812 hours.

The job-specific salary component will be based on levels 8–9 of the job requirement scheme for teaching and research positions in the salary system of Finnish universities. In addition, the appointee will receive a salary component based on personal work performance.


The selection process

The call for applications will be posted on the website and the intranet of the University of the Arts Helsinki on 14 June 2019. The call for applications may also be published in other Finnish and foreign contexts. The application period will open on 14 June 2019, and it will close on 6 August at 3 o’clock p.m. local Helsinki time (UTC +3).

The Recruitment Committee of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts prepares the appointments for teaching positions at the Academy of Fine Arts. The Dean of the Academy selects the assessors for the appointment process. The Recruitment Committee selects the applications that will be reviewed by the assessors, decides the format for teaching demonstrations and interviews, selects the applicants invited to the teaching demonstrations and interviews, and prepares the proposal of appointment. The schedule for the interviews and teaching demonstrations will be announced in August. The Rector of the University of the Arts Helsinki selects the professor based on the proposal of the Dean of the Academy of Fine Arts and concludes an employment contract with the selected candidate.

The most suitable individual, based on the overall evaluation, will be selected for the position. It is possible to use an external suitability assessment and reference checks to assist the decision-making process in the filling of the position.

The Universities Act (558/2009) stipulates that statements on the qualifications and merits of a person applying for or invited to a post must be requested from a minimum of two assessors if that person is to be appointed to a position indefinitely or for a fixed period of at least two years. Sections 27–29 of the Administrative Procedure Act will apply to the disqualification of assessors.


How to apply

The applicants must send their applications and all appendices as a single PDF file to (max. file size 30 MB).

All application documents should be submitted in English for the perusal of international assessors. The Academy of Fine Arts will not have any application materials translated.

The application must include:

• An informal report on the applicant’s vision for the position (1–3 pages)

• A written report on the applicant’s artistic and teaching merits relevant to the position (max. 5 pages)

• An electronic portfolio of the applicant’s artistic and research activities, their thoughts on the present state of artistic research, and their vision for developing the field (max. 20 pages)

• A curriculum vitae

• A list of publications

• A certificate of language proficiency

• If the applicant wants to submit a review of works that includes moving image or audio material (in addition to the electronic application), they must submit it to the Academy of Fine Arts on a USB flash drive in four (4) identical copies prior to the conclusion of the application period. The maximum length of the review is 30 min. [1]

The application documents, including any USB flash drives sent to the Academy, will be archived by the Academy of Fine Arts.

The applications must be submitted by e-mail to the following address:  . All applications must be received by Tuesday, 6 August, at 3 o’clock p.m. local Helsinki time (UTC +3). Late applications will not be considered. The e-mail message should be titled: “Part-time (50%) Professor of Artistic Research”. It is also possible to apply for a full-time (100 %) professorship of artistic research with the same application, but this must be clearly stated both in the e-mail’s subject field and the application itself.


If the applicant chooses to submit a review of their works on USB flash drives, they should send the flash drives to the Academy of Fine Arts by Tuesday, 6 August 2019, at 3 o’clock p.m. local helsinki time. The envelope should be marked: “Recruitment of the Professor of Artistic Research”.

The postal address for the USB drives is:

Academy of Fine Arts Registry, P.O. Box 10, FI-00097, University of the Arts Helsinki.

Only the material that has been received prior to the conclusion of the application period will be taken into consideration in the recruitment process.


For more information on the position, please contact Professor Hanna Johansson (hanna.johansson(at)uniarts.fi) from 14 June to 18 June and from 1 August onward. For more information on the application procedure, please contact Coordinator Lotte-Maria Maasalo (lotte-maria.maasalo(at)uniarts.fi), tel. +358 50 44 88 540, from 14 June to 28 June and from 1 August to 15 August.

The University of the Arts Helsinki will introduce a tenure track system for its teaching and research staff in 2019. The career path system at the University of the Arts Helsinki will consist of tenure tracks for professors and lecturers. The University of the Arts Helsinki reserves the right to evaluate the position of the open post on the tenure track for professors after the criteria of the tenure review have been finalised.



[1] Accepted format for moving image/video works: a digital file in H.264 compression, preferably in HD quality. Accepted audio and video formats include:

Audio – mp3, m4a, aiff, wma, wav, aac.

Video – mpeg, mpg, mpg-4, mov, avi, wmv, m4v, vob.