Jarkko Hartikainen

Music composer interested in in physicality of performance, materiality of sound, empathy conveyed through sound, musicizing human utterance, and in the communicative future of the art form. Part-time teacher focusing on the analysis of current trends and techniques in contemporary classical music. Freelance music writer for magazines, festival programme books, and the internet. Frequent visitor at music festivals in Europe and beyond. Interested in all good music and art in our time. Doctoral student since 2016, University of the Arts Master of Music 2012, Sibelius Academy (Exchange student at HfMDK Frankfurt am Main) Bachelor of Music 2008, Sibelius Academy


Materiality of sound – the information sound carries of the conditions of its birth – in acoustic, empathetically experienced music.


1. Studies on Empathy (2016) for quartet – physicality of sound production as a governing category

2. Habitus (2017) for orchestra – orchestra as a corporeal, physio-sosiological body (with surtitles)

3. (seepings) (2017) for ensemble and sampler – life-forming music seeping, with its materialistics, into the composition

4. EMBODIED: Triple Solo (2018–) – corporeality of three solo instruments capable of seven variations of solo/duo/trio

5. [Sonata for Bicycle] (2019–) – material possibilities (multi-art?) of and for a non-instrument in sonata allegro form

6. [work for soprano and ensemble] (2019–) – corporeal side of words (economy jargon) in phonetic, ironic whirlwind

7. [work for string orchestra with or without soloist] (2020–) – bodily experience of playing, in photorealistic zooms

8. [work for large ensemble or an orchestra] (2022) – all of the above, in a virtuosic, collective apotheosis 8 sävellystä eri kokoonpanoille (ks. engl. tiivistelmät)

Written thesis

My thesis will take a survey of 'materialism' in other art forms before contextualising my work in the music composition landscape. In various essays, I will elaborate on the choices and studies made during the composition process of my 8 doctoral works.