Studies at the Open University

General study-related principles and course fees.

Study counselling

Teachers give personal study counselling in connection with their teaching and answer questions related to course content and course participation. The Open University Office is responsible for answering questions about practical arrangements connected to teaching:

The pages have material about Open University students’ study skills, blogs, and information about study skill evenings that can be attended online. 

To learn more about the wide range of study opportunities and Open University activities in Finland, visit the Studyinfo portal. For up-to-date information on adult education benefits, study leaves and other social benefits for students, visit the websites of TEOfficeKela – Social Insurance Institution of Finland and Employment Fund

Studies at partner institutions

Summer universities and folk high schools provide Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University teaching in different parts of Finland. Teachers are part of Uniarts Helsinki’s regular teaching staff or other professionals and experts approved by the university. The goal is to offer the opportunity to attend university-level studies in the arts as extensively as possible. You can browse our course calendar to see what studies we offer elsewhere by selecting Avoin yliopisto yhteistyöoppilaitoksissa (=Open University at partner institutions) as the type of education under the heading Koulutustyyppi.

Course fees 

Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University charges a fee on its study services as well as a separate fee on possible special arrangements and study materials that it provides for teaching. Course fees are determined based on the scope of the studies, and one credit costs €15. 

An already-paid course fee is refunded only due to medical reasons after providing a doctor’s certificate or if the course is cancelled by the Open University. More detailed information about cancellation terms is available on the page titled Applying to Open University studies

Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University adheres to the Act on Criteria for Charges Payable to the State 21 Feb 1992/150 and Government Decree on Fees for University Services 17 Dec 2009/1082 in all matters related to study-related fees.  

Participation in teaching

Courses require active attendance and participation in teaching. Students must attend about 80% of the classes. If a student is unable to attend a sufficient number of classes, they must talk to their teacher to see if it is possible to make up for absences by completing extra assignments. If a student misses over 50% of their classes, they cannot make up for their absences with extra assignments.

Open University students are not covered by Uniarts Helsinki’s accident insurance, which means that they are not covered against accidents sustained in connection with teaching. Each student is responsible for taking out insurance if they want one.


After the end of a course, students are often asked to fill a feedback form. Feedback is used for developing the content of teaching and studies. Students can also send feedback on Open University services and studies by email to the Open University Office. 

Student Register and data protection

Data on students is recorded to the Student Register after they register for studies and are granted the right to study. All studies completed at the Open University are recorded in Uniarts Helsinki’s Student Register. If your personal data has changed and you want to update the data, please contact the Open University Office. Data recorded in the Student Register is subject to the provisions laid out in the Data Protection Act and the Data Protection Regulation.

Ordering of transcripts of records

You can request transcripts of records and certificates by emailing the Open University Office. Certificates are delivered in 1–2 weeks (with the exception of holiday seasons during the summer and at the turn of the year). Requests will be fulfilled if the student has paid their course fees.

Including studies to the degree

Students may choose to include their open university studies as part of their degree if their host institution decides that the study attainments correspond with the degree. Open University studies have been planned to correspond with the degree studies of Uniarts Helsinki. The degree requirements of Open University teaching are approved by faculty councils/teaching councils of Uniarts Helsinki’s academies, and the teachers of the Open University are approved by the departments/teaching councils.

Studying at the Open University does not lead to a degree, and pursuing studies as a degree student at Uniarts Helsinki requires participation in entrance examinations. Admission to the Master’s Programme in Arts Management is possible through the Open University route, however. 

Rules and regulations of the Open University

Uniarts Helsinki’s Open University applies instructions and regulations compiled for Uniarts Helsinki’s degree students also to Open University students in so far as this is possible. Students are also obligated to follow the rules and regulations of the Open University. Browse the rules and regulations of the Open University.