Practical instructions for Junior Academy students

Important instructions on studies and getting studies started at the Sibelius Academy's Junior Academy.

Agreeing on instruction

After accepting your study spot, you will be told who your teacher is. If you are a continuing student, you can check the instruction that you have been granted at WebOodi. Discuss what instruction will be offered directly with your teacher. You can be in touch with the teacher through Uniarts e-mail. If you wish, you may ask for the telephone number of your teacher from the address

Planning your studies

At the Junior Academy you will primarily be completing studies that are part of the curriculum of the Junior Academy. These studies will not give credit as part of a degree. As a Junior Academy student, you can also complete studies included in the curriculum of the undergraduate degrees of the Sibelius Academy as separate studies without the right to complete a degree. These studies can be included as part of a degree.

As a Youth Academy student you will get an individual Youth Academy Curriculum (NOPS) and you will have a NOPS discussion each spring with the subject director and the Teacher-in-Charge, during which the plan for the coming academic year will be drafted.

Service fee

We charge Junior Academy students a service fee of EUR 340 (EUR 170 per term). The invoice for the autumn term will be sent by post in the autumn term after you have registered.

Studies in Structural awareness of music

As part of your studies you will also take part in the teaching of structural awareness of music. Please note that because of the coronavirus, these studies at the Sibelius Academy’s Junior Academy will be partly organised as remote teaching in the autumn term of 2020. Separate information on teaching arrangements for the spring term of 2021 will be given later.

Students of classical music

If you have not yet completed courses on structural awareness skills at the basic level, you should study them at a music institute in your home area. You may take part in instruction organised by the Sibelius Academy starting from courses in Aural Skills / Junior Academy and Applied and Analytical skills / Junior Academy (equivalent to the advanced level at music institutes, although they are more goal-oriented than typical music institute courses are).

Alternatively, it is possible to complete courses at a music institute in your home region, but owing to differences in curricula, it is best to agree on such an arrangement with teachers of structural awareness skills at the Sibelius Academy.

In addition to taking part in possible chamber music lessons and instruction on ensemble playing, make sure that you also participate in instruction on structural awareness! The goal is to complete at least the courses in aural skills and applied analytical skills. After these it will be possible to move on to university-level courses on structural awareness skills.

Students of folk music and jazz

The Junior Academy curricula for folk music and jazz also include studies in theory and composition. These are taught in connection with weekend periods organised at Kallio-Kuninkala.

Concerts and matinees

Concert activities in Junior Academy instruction in the classical music department

You can sign up for shared matinees of the Youth Academy through the Uniarts Intranet Arts that can be found on the Taito channel On the registration form you will find the matinee dates for the ongoing academic year and get the information you need for signing up. We do not accept registrations by telephone or e-mail.

The Camerata (Music Centre) student matinées in the Taito channel are not intended for Junior Academy students, but you may take part in your own teacher’s student matinée.

Signing up is seen as very binding, so please do not cancel except in cases of illness or similar overwhelming impediment. You may sign up yourself or ask your teacher to sign you up for a matinee. Always remember to agree on a performance first with your own teacher before signing up! The last possible time for signing up is during office hours of the Monday of the week before the concert. After this the Junior Academy’s Teacher-in-Charge drafts a concert programme based on the sign-ups, which is published on the concert calendar of the Uniarts website. The rehearsal and performance schedule will be sent by e-mail to the performers as early as possible.

Junior Academy concert activities for jazz music and folk music

We arrange 2-3 concerts a year for Junior Academy students of jazz and folk music. If you are interested in taking part in the matinees of the Junior Academy, discuss the matter with your teacher-in-Charge.

Facilities and arrangements for students

You can acquaint yourself with the facilities, on-line and IT services, intranet, and data security in the INTRO guide for new students.