Making your audition video

Instructions for applicants to programmes which use video auditioning.

NOTE: You’ll find more instructions on making your audition video in the programme-specific admission guides (requirements for different programmes may vary) and in the Studyinfo instructions (technical details).

All audition videos must be submitted online through Studyinfo portal and the recordings must be in video format. Physical DVDs or e-mailed files will not be accepted.

It’s important that your video audition meets the specific requirements outlined for submission. Please remember that your recording must be in accordance with the programme-specific admissions requirements. If you send in something that doesn’t conform to the exact instructions, your audition video will unfortunately be disqualified.

Just like sound quality with live performances is important, sound quality is important with your audition video. Because you’re making a video that showcases your talent as a musician, it’s recommended to pay great attention on the sound quality of your recording. Use the best possible audio equipment available, preferably with an audio feed directly into the video camera. We recommend you do a few tests before making the actual recording to ensure that the equipment is working properly and that your music is coming through without interruption. Make sure that you are recording in a quiet space so that your performance can be heard clearly, and that your video is free from distracting background noise.

It is also important for videos to provide a clear visual of your performance. For best results, place your recording device on a stationary object, such as a tripod or table. Pay attention that you do not tape a close-up; have your entire body (from head to knees/toes) in the frame. Prior to recording, test that you are in focus and well lit.

Your entrance audition by video will be evaluated only if the Entrance Examination Board has no doubts about the authenticity of your recording and the quality of your recording is sufficient for evaluation.

It is recommended that the recording should be made no earlier than six months prior to the application deadline.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Sibelius Academy Admissions Office (