Implications of COVID-19 on student exchange

Find out how the coronavirus pandemic affects student exchange at Uniarts Helsinki during the Academic Year 2020–2021. Last updated 26 June 2020.

Arriving in Finland

The university recommends a 14-day self-isolation for all employees and students who come to Finland from countries that are subject to internal or external border control. You can find up-to-date information on the Border Control Finland’s website.

Due to the quarantine, it might not be possible to collect keys to academy premises before the completed quarantine period. Please make a note of these regulations and plan your arrival in Finland accordingly.

The situation is monitored and assessed by the authorities, and you can find the latest information on the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) website.

Questions and answers

Is Uniarts Helsinki open in the autumn 2020?

University’s facilities will be reopened to a limited extent starting from 10 August, and teaching, studies and work will continue partially remotely. Read more from the link below. 

Please note that July is a vacation month in Finland and Uniarts Helsinki personnel is mainly out of the office.  

Are the Finnish borders open for foreigners to enter Finland?

There are travel restrictions in place for foreign nationals travelling to Finland with some exceptions. The current restrictions are in force until 14 July 2020. 

For further information, please refer to the Finnish Border Guard’s guidelines for border traffic.

Do I need to stay in self-isolation for 14 days after arriving to Finland?

A 14-day self-isolation is recommended for all employees and students who come to Finland from countries that are subject to internal or external border control. The Finnish Government is planning to lift the restrictions on traffic between Finland and certain countries as of July 13th. See the Finnish Government’s website for further information.

Will the teaching be on-campus or online at the start of the autumn semester 2020?

At the moment, Uniarts Helsinki is planning to reinstate teaching on campus during the autumn semester of 2020 with safety measures, but is also prepared for the continued remote teaching.  

However, it is good to be prepared for possible alterations in your studies at the later stage, too, due to possible new restrictions the pandemic might cause. 

What happens if I cannot come to Helsinki on time at the start of the semester?

Make sure to stay in contact with your exchange coordinator at Uniarts Helsinki as your studies are planned individually.   

Can I defer and start my exchange in spring 2021?

Contact the exchange coordinators at your home university and at Uniarts Helsinki to find out if your exchange could be postponed to spring 2021.

You cannot defer your exchange to the academic year 2021-2022.  

Will you be arranging orientation as normal?

There will be an orientation period, which can be arranged on site and/or online. The international coordinators will inform you about the details once they have been confirmed. 

Should I apply for student housing now or should I wait?

We recommend that you apply for student housing once you have a confirmation of your exchange. 

If you have applied for student housing through the university’s contractual housing partners (HOAS or Clavis), please contact your housing provider directly for more detailed information on the application process.

What should I take into account regarding healthcare before arrival?

European Health Insurance Card entitles EU/EEA citizens to same acute medical treatment in public health care services as local citizens.  

However, we strongly recommend getting a private health and accident insurance with comprehensive crisis cover.

Coronavirus at the Uniarts Helsinki 

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The situation in Finland is monitored and assessed by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL).

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