Implications of COVID-19 on student exchange and degree studies

Find out how the coronavirus pandemic affects the beginning of your studies at Uniarts Helsinki during the Academic Year 2021–2022. Last updated 15 December 2021.

Arriving in Finland

All people arriving in Finland from high-risk countries will be directed to receive a health examination.

Persons arriving from risk countries must present on demand certificates related to COVID-19 disease and/or take a compulsory coronavirus test. The arrangements vary among the different points of entry.

The border officials may check whether you have a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test, proof certifying that you have had the disease and/or a vaccination certificate. Residents of EU countries may present the EU COVID-19 certificate on entry.

If you do not have the required certificates, you will be referred to the COVID-19 test at your point of entry and within 3–5 days of arrival in Finland.

The tests are free of charge.

You should avoid contact when

  • you are waiting for a test result at a point of entry or within 3–5 days (72–120 hours) of taking a test at a point of entry and/or
  • you are required to go to a COVID-19 test within 3–5 days after arriving in the country.

During this time, you should not come to the university campuses.

Read more about these guidelines and instructions on THL’s website: Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL’s instructions for travel.

We recommend the use of the FINENTRY service before entering Finland. With the service you can, for example, book an appointment for a COVID-19 test in Helsinki. FINENTRY service

Read more about travel restrictions, testing and self-quarantine on THL’s website: Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare THL’s instructions for travel.

Finentry service provides travellers with information and instructions on coronavirus testing and self-quarantine. Persons living in the Helsinki and Uusimaa hospital district can use the Finentry service also for booking a time for a coronavirus test when arriving in Finland from abroad.

Questions and answers

Is Uniarts Helsinki open during the academic year 2021-2022?

University’s facilities are currently open for studies, teaching and other work in accordance with jointly agreed-upon principles. 

The number of students and staff using the facilities is monitored, and if necessary, there will be some restrictions. Nobody is allowed to come to the university when sick. If you have a fever, symptoms of a flu, stomach symptoms or other coronavirus-related symptoms, you cannot come to the university.  

Read more from the link below. 

Are the Finnish borders open for foreigners to enter Finland?

There are travel restrictions in place for foreign nationals traveling to Finland with some exceptions.

For further information, please refer to the Finnish Border Guard’s guidelines for border traffic.

How can I get tested for coronavirus? 

There are health information points at airports, harbours, and land borders where you can ask how to get tested. You can have a test at an airport, the health clinic of your home municipality, or a private medical clinic. If you go to a private clinic, you will have to pay for the test. 

FINENTRY service provides travellers with information and instructions on coronavirus testing and self-quarantine. You can use the FINENTRY service also for booking a time for a coronavirus test. 

Will the teaching be on-campus or online during the academic year 2021-2022?

Currently at the Uniarts Helsinki teaching is planned from the point of view that teaching and activities can take place on campus, while taking into account safety aspects (e.g. safe distance, use of face masks).  University’s facilities are open for for studies, teaching and other work  in accordance with jointly agreed-upon principles. 

However, it is good to be prepared for possible alterations in your studies at the later stage, too, due to possible new restrictions the pandemic might cause. 

What happens if I cannot come to Helsinki on time at the start of the semester?

Degree students: Registering as a non-attending student during the first academic year is possible only under specific circumstances pursuant to the Universities Act (Universities Act, section 39). During their first academic year, a student may register as a non-attending student if they are unable to begin their studies due to a COVID-19-related decision issued by the authorities or due to some other compelling reasons related to the epidemic. Subsection 4 added to the Universities Act is temporarily valid from 1 July 2020 to 31 July 2022. Please contact the Admissions Office if you have any questions!

Exchange student: Make sure to stay in contact with your exchange coordinator at Uniarts Helsinki as your studies are planned individually.   

Exchange students: Can I defer and start my exchange in autumn semester 2022?

You cannot defer your exchange to the academic year 2022-2023. You can, however, submit a new application for exchange studies if your home institution agrees. More information on applying:

Will you be arranging orientation as normal?

There will be an orientation period, which can be arranged on site and/or online. We will inform you about the details once they have been confirmed. 

You can find information about the Orientation period for degree students in Intro:

Exchange students will be informed about the orientation details by International Relation Coordinators.

Should I apply for student housing now or should I wait?

We recommend that you apply for student housing once you have a confirmation of your exchange or the study place in a degree programme.

If you have applied for student housing through the university’s contractual housing partners (HOAS or Clavis), please contact your housing provider directly for more detailed information on the application process.

What should I take into account regarding healthcare before arrival?

European Health Insurance Card entitles EU/EEA citizens to same acute medical treatment in public health care services as local citizens.  

However, we strongly recommend getting a private health and accident insurance with comprehensive crisis cover.

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