Here are some frequently asked questions. If you did not find an answer to your question, please contact us at:

My high school diploma does not indicate that my studies were in English. Will it still count as English language proficiency?

In this situation we suggest you attach a free-form certificate from your school (signed&stamped), stating the language of study. In principle, general education completed in English in the USA is considered as adequate proof of your English language skills.

In previous years, music theory and musical perceptions tests were included in the admissions process. I cannot see any mention of any written tests. Is there any examination aside from the two videos required?

General tests in music theory, aural skills, and perception are not included in the admissions process in 2021.

As a first year student, is it possible to receive a full tuition scholarship or only a 50% scholarship?

New tuition fee paying degree students who have applied for the scholarship will be granted a tuition fee waiver of EUR 2,500 (50%) on their first academic year. It is possible to receive a full tuition fee waiver from the second study year onwards.

How does the process for applying as an international student look like through

The process for all international applicants is the same as for the Finnish applicants. You fill in the application, deliver the required certificates and possible advance assignments, and if you’re found eligible, take part in the entrance examination as described in the admissions requirements.

What is a compulsory assignment, and where can one retrieve it?

Compulsory assignments that are not named will be sent to applicants via e-mail as described in the admissions requirements.

Can one apply to more than one academy offered by Uniarts Helsinki? If so, can they pursue both simultaneously?

You can apply up to 6 programmes during one application period. These programmes can be from different academies. You can pursue only one programme at a time, however (minor or side subjects are still available).

Are there going to be theoretical exams (aural skills, music history etc) in all study programmes?

All parts and examinations for each programme are described in the programme-specific admissions requirements. Not all programmes require theoretical examinations.

What is your average batch size?

Admissions statistics from previous years can be found here:

Does the “A” Oleskelulupa counts as a Document that proves release from liability for payment of tuition fees?

You are exempted from paying tuition fees if you have a valid continuous residence permit card in Finland (Type A permit).

Is there a chance to learn Suomi while doing a master?

All students have the possibility to study Finnish language as part of their studies.

Is it possible that online interview become a regular way after Covid-19?

The admissions requirements are confirmed annually, so unfortunately we are not able to say whether or not online testing will become a norm in the future.

Is it possible to have English proficiency test at Sibelius academy?

Unfortunately, Sibelius Academy does not offer a language test in 2021. Please see the accepted language certificates from here:

I heard that a masters can be 2 years instead of 2.5 years. What factors influence this?

The master’s degree is 150 credits (in principle). If you have prior skills or knowledge on master’s level, they can be included in your degree and thus it will make possible to complete the degree in a shorter time.

Arts Management, Society and Creative Entrepreneurship is currently the only shorter (120 credits, 2 years) Master’s programme in Sibelius Academy.

What exposure do you give your students in music production and technology with regards to technology and equipment?

Please see the links at the bottom of this page for links to information pages of our studios:

Once you get to the master’s degree, do you enter in a solo program or chamber music program or orchestra program?

As of now, there aren’t specific divisions of classical music you specialize in, however you can arrange it so that part of your final exam involves a chamber music recital if that is what you are more interested in. And as a master’s student you have to fulfill some credits in orchestra, so you’ll have possibilities that way to participate in as orchestra many events you can.

There are no separate programmes – the curriculum is flexible, and you can choose what field you concentrate on more. The master’s curriculum for strings:

How does collaboration between different departments work?

Early music studies are available (and even recommended and encouraged) to all modern instrument students e.g. as a minor study module.