Our strategy 2021–2030

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Taideyliopiston opiskelijoita veistoluokassa. Kuva: Veikko Kähkönen


Art creates the future.


Uniarts Helsinki is an open meeting place for the arts, an ambitious university community for bold reformers and experts in tradition. We cultivate a unique environment that helps artists grow and strengthens the power of art as a driver of change.



Our idea of skill is based on a comprehensive view of what it means to be human: we are skilful, knowledgeable and emotionally aware. We aim to achieve the highest possible quality and expertise. We draw inspiration from our traditions but also reinterpret them.


We cultivate an environment based on trust where we encourage each other to be sensitive and responsible and to experiment fearlessly. We evaluate our operations critically and reform ourselves with a bold attitude.


We make decisions in a transparent and responsible way. We value diversity and consider it a resource. We seek an active dialogue with the world that surrounds us.


  1. We enable the growth of our students and help them become highly skilled and broadminded artists and changemakers
  2. Our multidisciplinary research is internationally esteemed
  3. Art and artistic thinking have a strong role in society
  4. Art is part of the solution to the ecological sustainability crisis
  5. Our community is characterised by its wellbeing, lack of discrimination and international appeal
  6. Uniarts Helsinki makes way for renewal and bold initiatives