Important dates for the academic year

Academic year

The university’s academic year begins on 1 August and ends on 31 July.

Uniarts teaching periods

In the academic year 2021-2022 instruction is given on 9 August 2021 – 19 June 2022.
In the academic year 2022-2023 instruction is given on 8 August 2022 – 18 June 2023.

What’s happening2021-20222022-2023
Joint studies/ summer studieswk 33-34wk 33-34
1. teaching periodwk 35-41wk 35-41
Uniarts opening ceremony2 September 202115 September 2022
No contact teaching wk 42wk 42
2. teaching periodwk 43-51wk 43-51
No contact teachingwk 52-1wk 52-1
3. teaching periodwk 2-7wk 2-7
No contact teachingwk 8wk 8
4. teaching periodwk 9-18wk 9-18
No contact teaching14-20 April 20226-12 April 2023
5. teaching period, joint studies/ summer studieswk 19-24wk 19-24
Uniarts’ joint orientation for the new students27 August 202126 August 2022
Uniarts’ joint orientation follow-on for the new students13 May 202212 May 2023

Uniarts’ joint studies weeks

Weeks 33–34 in August and weeks 19–24 in May and June are reserved primarily for the University of the Arts Helsinki’s joint studies and mobility studies between the academies. The period for joint studies is dedicated to joint studies and productions that are intended for all the students of the University of the Arts Helsinki’s academies, as well as – in special cases – for academy-specific courses such as orientation studies. There may also be special intensive courses in theory and languages and other special courses during these weeks. Joint studies of the University of the Arts Helsinki can also be organised during other times, but the period for joint studies is specifically reserved for these studies so that students have an equal opportunity to participate in them.

Breaks in contact teaching

No contact teaching is arranged on weeks 42, 52-1 and 8. During these break weeks, students can study and practise independently, e. g. get ready for performances, exhibitions or exams, or complete written assignments and write their theses. Exceptions can be made if the academies and the Open Campus want to arrange classes during these weeks.There is a break in contact teaching on Easter, which begins on Thursday before Easter and ends on Wednesday after Easter. Exceptions can be made if the academies want to arrange classes during these weeks.No teaching is arranged on national holidays.

The deans of the academies and the academic head of the Open Campus can make exceptions to the afore-mentioned teaching schedules for a legitimate reason required by the curricula. Doctoral education, Open University instruction, master classes, special classes, and summer courses can also be scheduled for other times.

Registration for the academic year

The enrolment period for 2022-2023 starts 2 May 2022 and ends 10 August 2022.
The enrolment period for 2023-2024 starts 2 May 2023 and ends 10 August 2023.

Degree students enrol in the OILI registration system.

If a previous year student notices that they have not attending as present or absent in the beginning of the autumn semester, it is possible to regain student status by paying the re-registration fee and the student union fee, and by delivering the payment receipts and the registration form to the student’s respective academy’s study office at the beginning of the autumn semester. For more information, please contact the the academies’ student services.

The contact information of the academie’s student services