A talk by visiting professor Emily Wardill

Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 15:00
Exhibition Laboratory

The talk on the 11th of October will be a screening of 2 works in their entirety: Game Keepers without Game from 2010 and SEA OAK from 2008.

Game keepers without game is set within the structure of a feature length melodrama and formally based on the Spanish dramatist Pedro Calderón de la Barca's play La vida es sueño (Life is a Dream). Its narrative traces the difficult return of a child who had been banished from the family home, translating this into contemporary British context. Acted scenes against a bright white ground where nothing and nobody touches each other alternate with still shots of objects that fluctuate between status symbols, evidence of crime and theatrical props. A drumming sound track builds up and breaks down like the building of a house.

SEA OAK is an installation where an imageless 16mm film plays spotlit in the middle of a room. It is comprised of a compilation of extracts from interviews conducted with researchers at The Rockridge Institute, a left-orientated think tank in Berkeley, California. From 2001 until its closure in April 2008, they examined contemporary political rhetoric with special emphasis on the employment of metaphor and framing. Looking at the history of right wing think tanks in the US, ideas around theatricality in rhetoric and the changing status of what is considered to be 'common' SEA OAK is also a sculptural consideration of how the irrational can be constructed to seem rational.

Talk will be followed by a Q & A.