Photo: Suvi Sistonen

Sibafest: LempiLempi – Sano ääneen

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 18:00 to 19:00
Music Centre, Sonore
Ticket sales begin 31.10.2019 09:00
Tickets: 11,50-18,00€
Sibafest 25.1.–1.2.2020

LempiLempi is a window between the ancient and the present. A duo formed by Päivi Hirvonen and Tero Pajunen, LempiLempi improvises, creates new things, tries out the impossible and tells stories.

The duo are inspired by folk music new and old, dusting it off and giving it a new life with a bold vision and compelling performances.

Tero Pajunen, vocals, guitar, violin
Päivi Hirvonen, vocals, violin, jouhikko


Sibafest 25 Jan –1 Feb 2020 is an attentive, profound, inquisitive and experimental festival that allows our voices to be heard and to join together. The artistic director of the festival is Aija Puurtinen.

Further information:
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