Performance Art Now!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 18:00 to 22:00
Exhibition Laboratory

Performance art event in Exhibition Laboratory on Wednesday 13th of June at 18-22.

In the brightest time of the year in and around Exhibition Laboratory six performances will be presented by six interesting and diverse performance artists working in Finland. We invited the artists that we were curious to see and who we wanted to present to the Helsinki audience. Free entry, wheelchair access. Organizers: Salla Valle & Timo Viialainen. Performers: Helinä Hukkataival, Linda & Aura, Michel Ruths, Timo Viialainen, Viljami Nissi, Yuan Moro Ocampo.


Timo Viialainen

“ I want to do a performance in Helsinki because it has been a long time. I think I have got rid of my manners and I can use any means to do a performance if I have an idea for it. I’m now thinking of toxicity in my surroundings and within myself. I always end up standing in front of an abyss. I have to jump and its at the same time a desperate and a hopeful act. Soon these de finitions have no meaning any more.”

Timo Viialainen (b.1981, Helsinki) is a performance artist, experimental hurdy gurdy player
and mixed media artist.

His first artistic live appearance was in the performance art festival Exit in 2001. In the early 2000s he performed mostly with sound and experimental music related projects. The first solo performance art pieces started to form around 2011 and since then he has performed in numerous festivals and events in 15 different countries. The performances are he creates are always site and situation speci fic. Timo Viialainen has studied music technology and theatre sound. Currently he is studying in the sculpture department of the Fine Art Academy in Helsinki.

Viljami Nissi

“Each performance of mine differs from one another. Not simply because they take place in speci fic times and spaces but because each piece makes me feel bored and let down eventually. I’m done with it and reluctant to ever deal with any of it again.”

Viljami Nissi (b.1994 @ Kannus) lives and works in Helsinki, studying performance art in Kankaanpää School of Arts for the fourth year.

Linda and Aura

Linda and Aura is a performance group living and working in Helsinki, active since 2001. The artist duo works with performance, installations based on performance, exhibitions and art projects. Central themes in the works are cooperation, trust, play, roles, encounters, spirituality and nature. Both artists also work with painting.

Yuan Mor'O

Yuan Mor'O works across a wide latitude of media including painting, installation and performance.
In his action making, Mor'O encapsulates points of tension through signi fiers that deal with the complex artistic and political concerns of Orientalism, Post-Colonialism, Ethos and Pathos.
Currently, he is one of the six students of the Master's Degree Programme in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) at the Theatre Academy of the University of Arts Helsinki in Finland.

Michel Ruths

“In the age of high educated professionals, we thrive, ride, and share a lifestyle/ culture that does not seem to different from each other anymore. Questions by existential character occur all through our lifespan but some issues are more profound. They go deeper, overseas, over time, stick to our mind and make us sometimes question everything within our way of living. I approach these themes with concepts based on curiosity, experience and observation, merged into a re flection practised from today and yesterday, with a drive to understand, communicate, criticize and activate without a certain answer to be hold.”

Michel Ruths on pietarsaarelainen kuva- ja performanssitaiteilija.

Helinä Hukkataival

“Since 1990 I have worked with live performance and for last fifteen years also interdisciplinary using video, photography and installation. My work – either performance, photo or video - deals mostly with life seen though a woman’s eyes. In spite of their ordinary and everyday premises, the course of actions has an unpredicted, perhaps dreamlike logic and viewers are free to interpretations.I am trying to find the universal level within personal experiences by showing small incidents, subtle shades and relations, which in fluence us even if unnoticed.”