Prognostics lecture: Zack Denfeld: Organisms & Environments: 5 Years of Genomic Gastronomy

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 - 18:00 to 19:30
Exhibition Laboratory

Organisms & Environments: 5 Years of Genomic Gastronomy 

In this talk I will look back at the first five years as an artist-led think tank. Back in 2010 we had the general notion that there was a need for more critical and creative cultural production at the intersection of food and the life sciences.  Who have we collaborated with, and how have we poisoned our work in relation the norms and expectations of art making and scientific practice? How do we see our practice continuing to evolve, and who and where are we hoping to work with in the future? How does the work that we do about food and farming differ from the research that happens at university, industry or by activists? What are some of the key organisms and environments we have looked at, and which have been intentionally or unintentionally excluded?

The Center for Genomic Gastronomy is an artist-led think tank that examines the biotechnologies and biodiversity of human food systems. Launched in 2010 by Cathrine Kramer (NO) and Zack Denfeld (US), the Center has completed research and exhibited in Asia, Europe and North America, and has collaborated with scientists, hackers, chefs and farmers. Their mission is to map food controversies, prototype alternative culinary futures and imagine a more just, biodiverse and beautiful food system.

Current members include Emma Conley (US) and Molly Garvey (IE). The Center's work has been featured in WIRED (UK), We Make Money Not Art, Science, Nature and Gastronomica and they have shown work at the World Health Organization, Kew Gardens and the Victoria & Albert Museum. They continue to explore the future of our food system through traveling supper clubs and pop up food carts worldwide.
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Prognostics lectures in the spring of 2016 will chart new areas of making and presenting art where artists co-operates with scientists or other kind of people of expertise. Invited artists challenge the established life forms and offer alternative ways to approach, concern, and discuss about still growing numbers of environmental disasters caused by human.

The Prognostics lecture series on Wednesday at 6 pm.

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Exhibition Laboratory, Merimiehenkatu 36. Free entrance. 

The Prognostics lecture series is supported by Saastamoinen Foundation.

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