Musica nova: NYKY Ensemble – Boulez & Cage

Saturday, February 9, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:10
Music Centre, Sonore
Free entry
Music of John Cage and Pierre Boulez.

NYKY Ensemble, the contemporary music ensemble of the Sibelius Academy, presents an early composition by John Cage (1912–1992) scored for six percussionists, and a more recent work for chamber ensemble by Pierre Boulez (1925–2016). In the early 1950s, Boulez and Cage were in extensive contact and exchanged a series of letters on their music and the culture of the time. Their friendship cooled due to artistic divergences when John Cage started using chance processes in his music. NYKY Ensemble reunites these two 20th-century giants, performing Cage’s sonically adventurous and rarely performed First Construction (in Metal) followed by one of Boulez’s late masterpieces, the seductive and hypnotic 50-minute Dérive 2.

NYKY Ensemble
David Claudio, conductor and music coach (Boulez)
Timothy Ferchen, conductor and music coach (Cage)

Musica nova Helsinki Feb 1-10, 2019

Musica nova Helsinki is Finland’s largest contemporary music festival. Held biennially, it presents the very latest music, composers now making their mark internationally, and contemporary classics.


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