Astrid Strömberg, Maria Valkeavuolle

Friday, March 29, 2019 - 11:00 to Sunday, April 14, 2019 - 18:00
Project Room

Astrid Strömberg / Non-Sense 

Non - Sense 

Installed painting.
Wonderings and fantasies, daydreams and imaginations, ”what ifs” in plenties. 

I’m dealing with images, the ones that I call ”fast images”. The ones that I see daily flashing by, fast, fast. The ones that somehow stick to each other, weaving a meaning of their own, or maybe, are they actually building a city of meaninglessness. The stickiness, the sweetness, the glue that seems to spread, with no beginning, middle or end. Forever and ever. 

Thoughts get distorted, messed up, and I don ́t know anymore why I made the connection, but I did. In the moment it felt crystal clear but now, when I try to remember, it isn’t. It doesn’t make sense any more. A state of confusion and cloy is reoccurring in me, over and over. 

With painting as my main media in my master thesis work, I deal with feelings of uncertainty of significance. I play around with phenomenas and images that I can perceive around me, online, tv shows, books. I observe (but also exist in it, as part of it) and then write my own visual sentence that can be read as totally absolutely rubbish, or then not. 

Astrid Strömberg born 1990, Helsinki. Non-Sense is her first part of her master thesis work at Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, the other part is shown in Kuvan kevät 4.5–2.6.2019. Her work are also shown in the exhibition Nuoret 2019 at Taidehalli 30.3.–26.5.2019.

Maria Valkeavuolle / Erythrophobia


Being in a body is a complicated thing. ___ has learned that it is arbitrary, that the soul and the afterlife are the most essential parts. The body is a foul thing, and one should not pay too much attention to it, for it leads the thoughts away from God.

___ has learned that the body is the most important thing, that inside of ___ there is nothing intriguing enough to be shown off. It is most essential to look desirablebut distant.

___ has learned that the body equals death. It is the body that mounts the consciousness, the soul to time. The body is a decayingmatter inside time. 


___ is under constant self-observation, aiming to keep ___self from slipping into emotionality, from saying anything that might be considered imprudent. ___ aims to stick to the facts, and only the facts ___ knows thoroughly, so that none of those silly gender stereotypes will not be attached to ___. So ___ would never embarrass ___self, so ___ would never feel shame.


Hi, my name is ____________. I am a 32 year old university student and today I cried in front of my class. And by crying I don’t mean tearing up. I mean that violent, uncontrollable crying, the kindthat doesn’t only make your voice tremble, but which makes you loose the control over your face.

Maria Valkeavuolle (b. 1985, Karstula) is finishing her MFA in the Academy of Fine Arts Helsinki, in Time and Space Arts subject area. She works mainly with moving image and sound, but has her background in printmaking. Her working methods include collecting masses of material, and a long process that goes into extreme detail. 

The importance of text and spoken language, and the use of words in defining reality are at the center of her practice. Erythrophobiais the first part of Valkeavuolle’s  Master’s degree thesis. The second part will be presented in May 2019 at the Kuvan Kevät MFA Degree exhibition.