Photo: Kalle Vainio

Young artists of the summer: Meriheini Luoto, violin and composition

Friday, August 18, 2017 - 19:00 to 20:00
Music Centre, Organo
Ticket sales begin 20.04.2017 09:00
Tickets: 6.00 EUR-17.50 EUR€
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Covered by Forest

A site-specific soundscape and performance based on ancient Finnish myths about disappearing into the forest. Meriheini Luoto started to work with her Metsänpeitto (Covered by Forest) suite in 2015 and continues here where the previous concert left off.

“When you are covered by forest, you are isolated from the world and become part of the forest. This forest is timeless, distorted and topsy-turvy.”
Meriheini Luoto, violin, composition
Minna Koskenlahti, percussion, wood flutes
Tiina Louneva, violin, vocals
Mirva Soininen, vocals
Mirva Tarvainen, violin, vocals
Ainu Palmu, light design
Further information:
Joni Käenmäki, 040 710 4384, joni.kaenmaki(at)