Today Is Our Tomorrow

Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 17:00 to Saturday, September 14, 2019 - 21:00
Kaiku - Kieku - Stidilä
Tickets: 10-30€

The future is happening now. With so much emphasis on the future, its end, and lack of agencies to alter its demise, our thoughts lead us to focus, remind and inform ourselves of the potentialities and (re)constructions of now. There is no time but the present to transform, to reimagine and to represent our moment(s).

Initiated by PUBLICS, Today Is Our Tomorrow is a collaborative, collective, and transdisciplinary festival – a coming together of affinities, alliances and differences. Taking place this year at club Kaiku and the neighbouring spaces Kieku and Stidilä, the program is produced in partnership with numerous local and international organisations, initiatives and institutions. Today Is Our Tomorrow takes the form of a roving constellation of practices, discussions, talks, workshops, installations, interventions, film screenings, events, live performances, DJ sets, curatorial projects, and live music intersecting with one another across three main interconnected venues.

The festival presents in microcosm, alter-futures being enacted, lived and represented as current socio-cultural and artistic practices based in Finland and globally. Our collaborative methodology and consultation aims to represent an ecology and diversity of thought and experience. It is the beginning of a new larger scale model for PUBLICS, with three main goals:

~ to promote and support new collaborative models within the art world, both locally and internationally in order to sustain small, flexible and content driven organisations

~ to bring together diverse publics, constituencies and communities to increase intersectional participation and debate on numerous issues

~ to identify and promote new roles to advance local and international networks and diversify local cultural fields

The 2019 edition of Today Is Our Tomorrow is curated, commissioned, organised in collaboration with: Academy of Fine Arts, Baltic Circle, Globe Art Point, IHME Helsinki, Kohta, Index Foundation, Latitudes, Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS), Museum of Impossible Forms, osloBIENNALEN, PUBLICS.

Today Is Our Tomorrow takes place simultaneously with Frame Contemporary Art Finland’s public programme Rehearsing Hospitalities, which connects artists, curators and audiences in the field of contemporary art and beyond to build up new practices and engagements with hospitalities.

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