Finnish songbook: Hope

Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 16:00
Valkoinen sali
Free entry
The recitals form part of the celebrations for the centenary of Finland’s independence (Suomi 100).

Students and teachers of the Sibelius Academy perform Finnish solo songs about hope and related topics. What emotions are prompted by future, light and grace?

Voice: Anna Dantchev, Visa Kohva, Eeva-Liisa Naumanen-Saarinen, Hannu Niemelä, Anna-Maija Oka, Emma Raunio, Martina Roos
Piano: Maritta Manner
Double bass, saxophone: Eero Marttila
Director: Martina Roos
Lighting design: Antti Silvennoinen
Sound design: Erik Roos

In four recitals entitled ‘Finnish songbook’, students and teachers of the Sibelius Academy perform solo songs that are quintessentially Finnish. The recitals explore various styles, moods and genres, mixing and matching old and new. The ‘Finnish songbook’ recitals give a voice to minorities and acknowledge their contribution to the building of Finland.

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