Music History and Cosmopolitanism: Fourth Sibelius Academy Symposium on Music History

Fourth Sibelius Academy Symposium on Music History
Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 00:00 to Friday, June 3, 2016 - 00:00
The Fourth Sibelius Academy Symposium on Music History will focus on the theme of cosmopolitanism.

Keynote Speakers

Brigid Cohen, New York University, USA
Mark Everist, University of Southampton, GB
Franco Fabbri, University of Turin, IT

The international symposium will offer a forum for debate about how we might build a post-national understanding of the social in the musical past. The aim is to pursue a better understanding of the kinds of social interweaving and mutual dependence that set cosmopolitan musical processes in motion well before the mass migrations and technological changes that characterized the twentieth century, and to begin to identify features that might signal the emergence of a cosmopolitan society.

Papers and group sessions under the following themes will be presented at the symposium:

  • The transnationalization of music, its import and export, its cultural transfer and exchange
  • Music and transnational mobility, migrancy and nomadism
  • Music and belonging: the exiled musician and the stateless musician
  • Music and urban culture; cosmopolitan musical genres
  • Music and international networks of digital communication
  • Diasporic communities, music and border crossing
  • Music and non-state politics (e.g. human rights and ecological issues)
  • Music and non-state affiliations: religion, ethnicity, pan-nationalism, (Communist) Internationalism

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Conference Secretary, Dr. Kaarina Kilpiö, kaarina.kilpio(at)