Far(away) ensemble: One Act on Identity

Saturday, May 26, 2018 - 15:00
Music Centre, Organo
Music Theatre
Free entry
Experimental music theatre.

How does text translate into sound and movement? How movement becomes music? How can we go from the sound to the movement? In how many ways could we communicate or not communicate between each other? What stories can be told without words? Who are we, alone and together?

Welcome to our one hour journey across communication and relationships. Like in every journey we will go through different phases and our stops will be: 1) Chaos, 2) Centralization, 3) a Big Bang!, 4) Synchronicity, 5) Entropy.

Vilma Tihilä, director
Jacopo Aliboni, composer

Laura Martin, cello
Valerie Albrecht, viola 
Erle Kont, clarinet
Livia Schweizer, flute
Libero Mureddu, piano
Anna Häkkinen, dance
Anna Stenberg, dance

Permormance is Uniarts Helsinki's student production. The Far(away) ensemble consists mainly of students of the Theatre Academy and the Sibelius Academy. Production is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland.

Further information:
Vilma Tihilä, 040 523 0801, tihilavilma@gmail.com