Feel Helsinki: Sello ja ihmisääniä

Saturday, June 8, 2019 - 19:00 to 19:30
Music Centre, Päälämpiö
Free entry

Moment 17

When I once noticed that I lived
I was walking on the street on the way somewhere

where everyone else was going, too
Not to the same place, but 
urged by the same thought:
there is something worth going for.

To follow invisible paths in the wind
To interpret signs hidden in street corners 
and on the roads,
to give them a meaning.

To listen to the voice, if there is one to be heard.
There is a scent of intuition in the air. Happiness?

I lift up my arms and repeat:
I have moderate peace of mind.

A study, a comfort blanket, a shared burden, a recipe, a spring celebration.
Two cellos, three voices. 10 minutes.


Feel Helsinki is a new urban festival for the whole family, taking place at the Helsinki Music Centre on 8 June. Uniarts Helsinki organises well over a thousand events for the public on a yearly basis, but Feel Helsinki is the first opportunity to enjoy the talents of the university’s students and alumni in one place through a day-long event. The festival has program that is especially tailored for children.

Feel Helsinki invites people to come together and engage all of their senses by enjoying food, wine, art and meaningful discussions. The main partner in the event is the Viini magazine, which will turn the Helsinki Music Centre into a hub of interesting pop-up restaurants, offering delicious menus.

Further information:
Soili Sirenne, soili.sirenne@uniarts.fi