Photo: Jussi Ulkuniemi

Urban Anatomies Teleport - Release Party!

Friday, September 13, 2019 - 18:00 to 21:00
Theatre Academy, Auditorio 3
Free entry
Warmly welcome to the release party of Urban Anatomies Teleport!
Friday 13.9. at 18:00 in Auditorium 3 at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki
♥ Jussi, Leissi, Maja, Oula, Pietari, Riikka, Tarleena & Veera
Urban Anatomies Teleport is an audio-guided online practice-performance and pop album that consists of city walk practices, music, radio play and video art.
The piece will be published online on Friday 13.9. and it is to be experienced - in company or alone - wearing headphones. The piece proposes its audience to stay with it while being situated within urban built environments. -Like when listening to a podcast or a record while moving from one place to another.
Accessibility information:
A participant needs hearing, a smartphone, headphones and access to wireless internet connection. A participant does not have to be able to walk or access public spaces. The piece operates mainly in English.
While embracing a city’s potential of being an anatomy - a living dead urban body - this piece also sets the often paralleled worlds of virtual and actual as a feedback loop and this feedback loop as a place. This place, already, here, facilitates a discourse and an emerging toolkit of practices asking life physically, symbiotically, culturally, inclined and queer. The practices proposed are rooting in the ontology of movement, relations and their sound: solidarity. This piece is for those are to take it. It’s a gift to a relatively unforeseen someone.
The audience and the artists will not meet physically through this piece. However we are hosting a living-room (free workshops and dialogue) in Helsinki from Monday 23.9. to Sunday 29.9.
Working Group:
Maja W. Hannisdal (guest), Pietari Kärki (TK, artistic thesis TeM), Tarleena Laakko (Dma), Riikka Laurilehto (TT), Leissi Nicholas Rehn (Äma, artistic thesis TeM), Oula Rytkönen (Äma), Veera Snellman (TT), Jussi Ulkuniemi (TA2)
The  art work exists online and is accessible from 13.9.2019 onwards at