Global Fest 2016: Kasheshi Makena & Bhutula Band, GLOMAS Master’s Concert

Saturday, December 10, 2016 - 19:00 to 20:00
Music Centre, Black Box
Ticket sales begin 17.06.2016 09:00
Tickets: 6.50 EUR-17.50 EUR€
Tickets available
Global Fest 2016 is the first edition of a new annual festival of the Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Programme.

This concert marks the beginning of a new project for Tanzanian musician, dancer and composer Kasheshi Makena. Kasheshi brings together a unique combination of musicians to perform new music inspired by his homeland of Tanzania as well as his experiences of moving to Finland and working with musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds. Kasheshi also uses collaborative techniques to create pieces with the ensemble taking inspiration from the the Swahili word ‘ngoma’, which means the integration of singing, dancing and playing. Songs are sung in the Tanzanian languages of Swahili, Sumbwa, Nyamwezi, as well as in English. Expect an evening full of rhythm, joy, emotion and beauty.

Kasheshi Makena (Tanzania / Finland), composer, vocals, trombone, guitar, flute, marimba, percussion, dance
Amanda Kauranne (Finland), vocals, percussion, dance
Consolata Kangonga - Orneheim (Tansania / Norja), dance
Megan Stubbs (USA / Tanzania), vocals, percussion, cello, dance
Carolyn Goodwin (Ireland), saxophones, clarinets, vocals
Ilkka Arola (Finland), trumpet, percussion
Timo Kiprianoff (Finland), guitar
Topi Korhonen (Finland), rhythm guitar, trumpet, vocals, dance, percussion
Arja Paju (Finland), electric bass, vocals, percussion, co-composer
Tero Bombero (Finland), percussion
Stefano Ancora (Italia), percussion

Global Fest 2016

Global Fest 2016 is the first edition of a new annual festival featuring students, teachers, alumni and special guests representing Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Programme. The programme embraces cultural diversity and aims to cultivate intercultural communication, understanding and collaboration through music and the arts. Global Fest 2016 features performers from Tanzania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Colombia, Ireland, America, France, Senegal, Iraq, Syria, Italy, Egypt, Australia and Finland performing in small ensembles, the Global Orchestra and Choir, groups including asylum seekers and children, pop up events, workshops and Masters students’ concerts. Expect a feast of dynamic and inspiring concerts celebrating the diversity of our planet.

Global Fest will be offering free workshops to concert attendees led by Global Music students. Come and learn global rhythms, vocal techniques, songs and dances in a global community. Full workshop programme please scroll down. 

Nathan Riki Thomson, artistic curation

Tickets: 17,50/11,50/6,50 € (Ticketmaster), 15/10/5 € (Helsinki Music Centre), festival ticket for all concerts: 32,50 € (Ticketmaster), 30 € (Helsinki Music Centre)

Festivaalin ohjelma aikataulumuodossa / Printable program schedule.

Työpajojen ohjelma ja ilmoittautuminen / Full workshop programme.

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