Photo: Juho Aittokallio

FOLIO & 4 SYSTEMS – Harri Kuusijärvi, accordion

Saturday, December 15, 2018 - 18:00 to 19:20
Music Centre, Organo
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Harri Kuusijärvi's first postgraduate recital.

In his first postgraduate recital, accordionist Harri Kuusijärvi plunges into contemporary music from a notational angle. The programme features works where composers employ not only traditional notation but also alternative notations as means of communication between composer and performer.

The guest composer is Sauli Zinovjev, with the solo accordion work Chained (2015) and a commissioned work, Sospirando 2 "Folio", exploring alternative notation methods. Also on the programme are works by Earle Brown and Jarmo Sermilä.

Earle Brown’s Folio collection, completed in 1954, is one of the landmark works of graphic music notation. In his foreword, Brown describes the score as a space where the performer may move as he or she wishes, depending on the performing situation. Jarmo Sermilä has also used alternative notation: in Shards (1986), the staves form a matrix where the notation is to be read in all directions at once. Ego 1 (1988) combines traditional notation with graphic markings.

Harri Kuusijärvi, accordion
Folio Ensemble

Zinovjev, Brown, Sermilä

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