Public demonstration of aptitude: Professor of Arts Management recruitment

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - 09:30 to 16:00
Chamber Music Hall
Public demonstration of aptitude
Free entry
Public demonstration of aptitude

The Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki is opening the post of professor of Arts Management for a fixed term post of five years during the period of 1 January 2020 – 31 December 2024, or starting later, based on the contract. The fixed nature of the contract is based on the need for flexibility, as set by the demands to continuously develop education and reform teaching, and on the fact that the content of the relatively new post still taking shape. The post is located at the Sibelius Academy Faculty of Music Education, Jazz, and Folk Music in the Department of Arts Management, and the MuTri Doctoral School.

Schedule (applicants in alphabetical order)

At 09.30-10.45 am                Karjalainen Toni-Matti
At 11.00-12.15 am                Karttunen Sari
At 13.15-14.30 pm               Lazzaro Elisabetta
At 14.45-16.00 pm                Poprawski Marcin

Content of the demonstrations 

  • Teaching and research vision, max 5 minutes
    Applicant will describe what is his/her contribution to the Sibelius Academy’s research and teaching activities would be, both on a general level as well as within his/her own field of expertise. Applicant will also describe which direction he/she would steer Uniarts Helsinki’s research and teaching towards and how they should be linked. 
  • Teaching demonstration, 25 minutes
    Applicant will give an interactive teaching session to a group of 3 to 5 master students. The lecture is part of an introductory course on Arts Management and the topic iscurrent research trends in Arts Management.
  • Supervising demonstration, 20 minutes
    Applicant will provide doctoral thesis supervision for a doctoral student. Applicant will be provided a research plan written by a student as material.
  • Interview, 20minutes
    The jury will interview thecandidate. The audience is not present

Recruitment process and the jury 

The recruitment committee appointed by the Sibelius Academy Dean will evaluate the applicants’ research-related presentation and discussion demonstrations, interview the applicants and prepare a proposal on who should be selected based on the committee members’ overall evaluation. The Academic Council of the Sibelius Academy will comment on the proposal, after which the Dean will make a proposal to the Uniarts Helsinki Rector, who will then appoint the professor. The recruitment process is expected to be completed in early 2019. The jury is:

Tuire Kuusi                            Professor,Vice-dean responsible for research and doctoral education, Chair of the jury, Sibelius Academy
Timo Cantell                          Director, research and statistics, City of Helsinki
Tanja Johansson                   Vice Dean,Sibelius Academy
Annukka Jyrämä                   Professor, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
Elina Laakso                         Special Advisor, Sibelius Academy

The evaluation is open for public except the interviews. However, applicants are not allowed to follow the other applicants’ demonstrations. 

Further information:
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