Global Fest: Michal Hoter: Earth Colour

Thursday, December 12, 2019 - 20:00 to 21:00
Music Centre, Black Box
Ticket sales begin 16.09.2019 09:00
Tickets: 6,50-18,00€
Michal Hoter's final master concert

This concert will take you on a journey of discovery through ancient Yemeni Jewish music to Morocco, Andalusia, American jazz, Taraab from Zanzibar, and beyond.  Earth Colour is Michal’s final master concert as an outcome of her field trips in Morocco, Turkey, Israel and Zanzibar. During her travels, Michal collaborated with local musicians, resulting in the new music heard in this concert. Michal creates new music through the medium of Ethnic jazz and original arrangements of traditional material and her vocals may be described as ‘jazz dipped in Eastern promise. Her music is inspired by nature, people and cultures.

Read the concert program behind the following link. The program won't be printed.

Michal Hoter, voice
Timo Alakotilai, piano
Ali Haithem, oud
Héctor Lepe, guitar
Viola Uotila, kantele, harp, cello
Lotta-Maria Pitkänen, violin
Iiris Tarnanen, cello
Ahoora Mahone, percussion
Roser Gabriel, accordion
Ilmari Rönkä, saxophone
Ilkka Arola, trumpet
Annika Lyytikäinen, clarinet
Jaakko Arola, tenor saxophone
Repkat Parhat, electronics, guitar
Oskari Armas Siirtola, bass
Christopher Rodulfo, drums
Tomasz Sekular, visual art


Now in its fourth year, Global Fest is the annual festival of students, teachers, alumni and guest performers in the Global Music degree programme at the Sibelius Academy. The festival celebrates cultural diversity and builds bridges for intercultural communication, understanding and collaboration through music and the arts in general.

This year, the festival takes place from 11 to 13 December and features performers from Aruba, Australia, Brazil, Catalonia, China, Finland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Greece, Nepal, Senegal, Serbia, Spain and Tanzania.

Further information:
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