Photo: Lars Kastilan

Global Spring: Let’s Get Going!

Monday, May 13, 2019 - 16:15
Music Centre, Black Box
Free entry
Iiris Tarnanen performs original music inspired by new adventures and the journey of life.

Iiris Tarnanen’s compositions draw on themes from inner devils to the excitement of unknown, new adventures. Touching stories, shameless attitude and strong emotions are all communicated through the music, brought to life by a dynamic group of musicians from diverse backgrounds.

Originating from Finland, Iiris Tarnanen aims to create holistic performances where her skills as a cellist, singer, piano player and dancer are integrated. This concert is part of Tarnanen’s Bachelor studies in Global Music.

Iiris Tarnanen, compositions, vocals, cello, dancing, piano
Satu-Maija Aalto, violin
Beltrán Cubel Gajas, viola, percussions
Amy Kirk, cello
Tuuli Malve, violin
Alevtina Parlandi, trumpet
Ossi Raippalinna, percussions
Christopher Rodulpho, percussions
Javier Sanchez Perez, double bass


Global Spring is a concert series running from 13 - 15 May 2019 featuring 2nd and 3rd year bachelor students from Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Programme.  The programme embraces cultural diversity and aims to cultivate intercultural dialogue, understanding and collaboration through music and the arts. Expect a feast of dynamic and musically diverse concerts featuring performers from around the world.

Further information:
Pauli Raitakari, 050 511 6467,