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Basso ostinati per lo jouhikko – Variations on the Renaissance in folk music

Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:00
Music Centre, Organo
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Jouhikko virtuoso Ilkka Heinonen's second postgraduate recital.

What connects a late Renaissance viola da gamba musician and a 19th century Karelian jouhikko (Finnish bowed lyre) player? In addition to the structural similarities in the two string instruments, their players were expected to be able to improvise based on popular melodies of the time.

Jouhikko virtuoso Ilkka Heinonen explores the combination possibilities of Renaissance variation practices and Karelian jouhikko variations in his second postgraduate recital. The compositions based on the basso ostinato from the 16th century receive a more folkish treatment while the melodies of old jouhikko masters transform into diminutions and ricercares, or sink into the stream of the smash hit bass lines of the Renaissance.

Ilkka Heinonen, jouhikko, voice
Jarmo Julkunen, lute, baroque guitar
Marianna Henriksson, harpsichord, organ
Louna Hosia, viola da gamba 

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