Photo: Viena Kangas

Hymn play!

Saturday, October 13, 2018 - 11:00 to 14:10
Music Centre, Organo
Ticket sales begin 18.06.2018 09:00
Tickets: 6.00 EUR-17.50 EUR€
Tickets available
Sirkku Rintamäki's fourth postgraduate recital.

Sirkku Rintamäki explores hymns through music, visual art and dance in her fourth postgraduate recital. The audience is invited to participate in a number of ways, which are introduced at the workshop before the concert.

At this concert, you can play with hymns! Recommended for ages 10 and above.

Sirkku Rintamäki, voice, piano, organ, designer and director
Tero Pajunen, voice, violin, rhythm instruments
Jarmo Julkunen, guitar, ukulele, lute
Elsa Sihvola, cello
Mirja Ilkka, visual art
Johanna Halén, dance


Workshop at 11.00 and concert at 13.00. The workshop lasts about 1.5 h and the concert 1 h 10 min. There is a half-hour break between the workshop and the concert. Tickets include the pre-concert workshop.

The concert is recorded on video for the use of research and education.

Further information:
Pauli Raitakari, 050 511 6467,