Photo: Ida Larsen


Friday, February 16, 2018 - 18:00
Theatre Academy, Studio 2

Theatre Academy of Uniarts Helsinki / MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance 


ALITY comes from an enduring question about the possibilities of subversion/utopia. What is possible when imagination is not side-bared as a surplus of the biological state, but respected as a condition in itself? ALITY is an experiment in the realm of that which we don’t yet know, a plunge into indeterminacy, thin images that appear unbidden and glide between the lines of common readability offering spaces for the imagination to exercise. The performers do not compose, they practice, and in the eschewal of a rationalist determination, new, longed for sensations and spaces open. There is no fiction, no predefined images. Not unlike the experience of staring into the tarot or a kaleidoscope, ALITY is a space of spaces that unfolds the more it is attended to. 

ALITY is a durational piece that spans over three hours. The audience is invited to view it at their own pace. There will be refreshments in the vicinity 

By and with: Santi Rieser, Jonathan Bonnici, Yu Jin Kim and Ida-Elisabeth Larsen (MA thesis work) & Marie-Louise Stentebjerg (two-women-machine-show)  

Dates and times: Fri 16th of February at 18:00-21:00 & Sat 17th of February at 15:00-18:00 

Free entry, no pre-booking needed. 

ALITY is part of the research for Ida-Elisabeth Larsen’s MA thesis in Ecology and Contemporary Performance studies.