Photo: Karoliina Loimaala


Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 18:00
Theatre Academy, Teatterisali
Ticket sales begin 09.09.2019 12:00
Free entry
Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki / Master’s Degree Programme in Choreography
Vibrating, purpling where senses and space weave, quiver of depth, surfacing. Being part of a landscape, to sink in texture and float over limits, what is it like?
Choreography: Karoliina Loimaala (TK, Ma thesis work)
Light: Sofia Palillo (Vma)
Performance: Krista Arppo (vier), Geoffrey Erista (Nma), Anni Kaila (TT), Kalle Lähde (Ta)
Set: Teija Turtio (Aalto ARTS)
Sound: Atte Kantonen (Äma)
Tue 24.9. at 6 pm
Other performances:
Wed 25.9. at 6 pm, Thu 26.9. at 6 pm, Fri 27.9. at 6 pm and Sat 28.9. at 1 pm
Theatre Hall

Duration of the performance is 2,5 hours. You can enter and leave the space freely. You can stay with the performance as long as you wish. In front of the venue there is a lobby from where you are guided to the performance space. In the lobby you can take a break or rest and enjoy tea. You are allowed to re-enter the space. At the door there will be an individual to help you and answer questions.

Performance is free of charge but with obligatory registration through the ticketing system.

Because of safety reasons the performance is not suitable for children.