Mini Global Fest

Friday, April 13, 2018 - 12:00 to 21:30
Music Centre, Black Box
Free entry
Music from around the globe.

This Mini Global Fest features concerts by the 2nd year Bachelor of Global Music students. Sibelius Academy’s Global Music programme embraces cultural diversity and aims to cultivate intercultural communication, understanding and collaboration through music and the arts.

Expect a feast of dynamic and inspiring concerts, featuring performers from around the world celebrating the musical and cultural diversity of our planet.

Leevi Lehikoinen, guitar, composition
Rebukaiti Paerhati, guitar, composition
Tero Bombero Rantanen, percussion, vocals, composition
Viivi Saarenkylä, accordion, composition
Emmi Uimonen, piano, vocals, composition
Ahoora Hosseini, percussion, vocals, composition
Chrysa Panagiotopoulou, vocals, bass, composition
Hilda Länsman, vocals, percussion, composition


12.00–12.30 Chrysa Panagiotopoulou
12.30–13.00 Emmi Uimonen

14.45–15.15 Rebukaiti Paerhati
15.15–15.45 Leevi Lehikoinen

17.30–18.00 Tero Bombero Rantanen
18.00–18.30 Ahoora Hosseini

20.30–21.00 Viivi Saarenkylä
21.00–21.30 Hildá Länsman

Further information:
Nathan Thomson, 0406807928,