Feeling the Climate: A Musical Discussion

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 17:00 to 19:00
Exhibition Laboratory

Hosts: Henna Laininen and Kaisa Kortekallio
Speakers: Climate researcher Mikael Hildén (The Finnish Environment Institute), environmental researcher Panu Pihkala (University of Helsinki) and activist Paula Sankelo (Climate Parents Finland).
Trumpet: Markus Virtala
​Glacier soundscapes and modular synthesizer: Eero Nieminen and Tom Lönnqvist

Climate change connects and separates people: even as a global phenomenon, it is experienced in multiple ways depending on the particularities of local climates and personal backgrounds. Our understanding and experience of climate change is also shaped by the narratives created in the partly overlapping domains of science, art, fiction, and media. Narratives do not only give us representations of the world, but evoke emotions and collective moods, and scaffold our bodily experience.

In this discussion we reflect on the role of art, fiction, science and media in shaping our bodily experiences of climate change. How to acknowledge the feelings and emotions caused by ecological crisis? How is climate change narrated in art, fiction, science and media, and what are the dangers and opportunities of such narratives? How can these fields co-operate in making sense of climate change and encouraging environmentally conscious actions? 

The discussion is accompanied by soundscapes from melting glaciers in Island and Norway, recorded and composed by sound designers Eero Nieminen and Tom Lönnqvist. In the gallery space, trumpetist Markus Virtala will join Eero and Tom to create a musical discussion where live instrument communicates with electrically treated nature sounds.

This musical discussion is part of doctoral student Henna Laininen's work in Archipelago Mountain exhibition.