NYKY Ensemble: Make Some Noise

Friday, December 7, 2018 - 19:00 to 20:40
Music Centre, Sonore
Free entry
Contemporary music by NYKY Ensemble.

NYKY Ensemble, the contemporary music ensemble of the Sibelius Academy, performs music by Luigi Nono, Peter Ablinger and Michael Pisaro under the guidance of cellist and composer Juho Laitinen.

In Luigi Nono’s music theatre the protagonists are the wandering electro-acoustic resonances. The drama is created within the individual act of listening to a musical reality that contains past, present and future.
Peter Ablinger’s noise is a musical canvas painted white, thus containing ”all possible music”, framed by instrumental sound. Ablinger’s noise is electronically generated, but in Michael Pisaro’s work noise is created manually, quite literally: the musicians fingers act as filters allowing grains of rice to drop through them.

NYKY Ensemble
Juho Laitinen, music supervisor, programme planning

Ablinger, Pisaro, Nono

NOTE! Change Nov 21: Due to productional reasons, the first half of the concert is placed in Black Box and the other half in Sonore.


Further information:
Libero Mureddu, 041 770 1371, libero.mureddu@uniarts.fi