Shakespeare-Sibelius: Myrsky (The Tempest)

Saturday, November 21, 2015 - 19:00 to 21:20
Music Centre, Konserttisali
Ticket sales begin 15.06.2015 09:00
Tickets: 17,50-32,50€
Performance is one of the anniversary events of Sibelius 150 jubilee year.

The Sibelius Academy, in collaboration with The Theatre Academy and Aalto ARTS, performs William Shakespeare’s play The Tempest (Myrsky) with Jean Sibelius' incidental music op. 109 for choir, orchestra and soloists.

The performance is one of the anniversary events of Sibelius 150 jubilee year.

And everything is different. The Concert Hall of Helsinki Music Centre will be hit by the force of a unique storm. Afterward, nothing will be the same on this island: not the hall, nor Sibelius, nor Shakespeare, not even our understanding of what might follow this encounter. We will be torn, moulded and rearranged by the tempest. The encounter may be violent and licentious. Or clandestine, sensitive and tentative. Incomprehensible, strange and comical. Grotesque, odd. On the island, where we have been cast by the wind, we will fall under the spell of the tempest. This place with its sounds and images is the world of Shakespeare and Sibelius, and the world of the stage and music — and reality. The tempest is made of stories of loneliness and thirst for power, and, on the other hand, also of freedom and longing, for both the private and the public. Within a community, we relinquish our freedom and self-determination. Instead, in the realm of privacy, we relinquish the communal and communication. It is not always easy to make a choice. But after the Tempest, when everything is different, it will be possible.

Sibelius Academy Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Choir

Cast: Saara Kiiveri, Alina Koivula, Laura Mäkitalo, Mari Naumala, Hannakaisa Nyrönen, Chike Ohanwe, Mikko Sateila, Tuuri Viik-Dede, Henri Tikkanen, Jussi Vänttinen

Director: Ville Sandqvist
Conductor: Tuomas Hannikainen
Scenography: Suvituuli Saari
Costume design: Sofia Pantouvaki
Associate Costume designers: Mimosa Norja, Heli Salomaa, Lauren Sever, Susanna Suurla
Light design: Antti Silvennoinen
Sound design: Markus Bonsdorff
Make-up design: Tuija Luukkainen

Jean Sibelius: Music to Shakespeare’s play ”The Tempest” Op. 109 (1925–26)
William Shakespeare: The Tempest

Further information:
Janne Ikäheimo, 040 710 4344, janne.ikaheimo(at)