Studia Generalia 2022: Tero Nauha

Tero Nauha’s lecture “Market and the assetization of art”

This lecture focuses on the economic narratives, which direct art education, research, and artistic practices. Nauha argues that these narratives are based on specific economic models and schemes that aim to value education, research, and practice according to pricing models of global market economy. This speculative turn signals that values are increasingly estimated according to the neoclassical equilibrium theory, for instance.

The presentation’s focus is on certain concepts and their narrative usage in fostering employability, assetization and investee condition for students, artists, and researchers. It presents some of the foundations of these narratives and schemes of thought, and asks if and how can we effectively challenge them.

The lecture will be held in English.

Place: Mylly K-218

Tero Nauha

Tero Nauha is a performance artist and professor in Live Art and Performance Studies (LAPS) MA programme at the Uniarts Helsinki. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Academy of Finland funded postdoctoral research project, “How To Do Things With Performance?” (2016-2020), and a postdoctoral fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (2017). He defended his doctoral thesis at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts in Helsinki titled “Schizoproduction: Artistic Research and Performance in the Context of Immanent Capitalism” (2016). 

His primary research interests are the interstices between economics, artistic research, performative practices, and writing. In his research and art practice he focuses on the intangible forms and material cultures; the complex narratives that tie together global financialization, its effect on the social sphere, and the cultural knowledge production that takes place in institutions.

Studia Generalia 2022: “Art at the Crossroads of Ethical Questions”

 “Art at the Crossroads of Ethical Questions”, asks whose stories we tell when we make, teach and research art.

The lecture series takes place on Wednesdays from 18:00 to 20:00, from 7 September to 16 November 2022 on the Sörnäinen campus.


28.9.2022 at 18:00 – 20:00


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