ONLINE EVENT: Public examination of the artistic doctoral degree of Anne Elisabeth Piirainen

Anne Piirainen
Photo: Timo Dufour

Title of the doctoral project:
Clarinet Music from Russia and the Soviet Union 1917-1991: Discovering an Unexplored Side of the Clarinet Repertoire

Chair: DMus Anu Vehviläinen

The board which assessed the ​artistic demonstrations: DMus Mikko Raasakka, Charles Neidich, Asko Heiskanen, Vladimir Agopov, DMus Folke Gräsbeck, Eduard Brunner (†)

Examiner of the thesis: Prof. Dr. Marina Frolova-Walker


Opening of the public examination (Anu Vehviläinen)

Lectio Praecursoria

In the lectio praecursoria, Anne Elisabeth Piirainen enlightens her artistic doctoral research, speaking about the series of doctoral concerts, the thesis in form of a website, including a clarinet composition database, about the results, implications and outlooks for future research.

Music performances in the lectio praecursoria:
Aleksandr Lokshin: Quintet for clarinet and string quartet, 1st mvt, Andante Sostenuto (1955)
Aleksandr Veprik: Chant Rigoureux op.9 for clarinet and piano (1926)
Yulian Krein: Sonata for clarinet and piano, 1st mvt, Andante (1961)
Grigory Krein: Quartet for clarinet, violin, cello and piano, 1st mvt, Moderato (1939/40)

Anne Elisabeth Piirainen, clarinet and lecture
DMus Kirill Kozlovski, piano
Lea Tuuri, violin
Maria Puusaari, violin
Jussi Aalto, viola
Pinja Nuñez, cello

Statement of the artistic component (Mikko Raasakka)

Statement of the thesis (Marina Frolova-Walker)


Final statement (Marina Frolova-Walker)

Final statement (Mikko Raasakka)

Audience questions

Conclusion of the event (Anu Vehviläinen)

Doctoral recitals

In each Piirainens doctoral recital, the clarinet appeared in various instrument combinations: solo, with piano, and chamber music with clarinet, piano and strings. Each concert was built upon a thematic concept: Abandoned Melodies, Between Love and Hate, Facets of Expression, Echoes of the Past, Beyond Borders. Within each concept, a cross-section of works from different styles and time periods was performed, searching for musical and clarinetistic connections among the selected works.

The thesis

More information about Anne Elisabeth Piirainen

Anne Elisabeth Piirainen


22.2.2021 at 16:00 – 19:00


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