For invited guest audience: I Wish I Was on Planet Earth

Maya Oliva

The performance is inspired by 80’s/90’s nostalgia and how specifically early cyberpunk imagined the future in which we live now. We revisited these aesthetics through our millennial eyes, wondering about modern technology, older monstrous machines and electronic waste.

I WISH I WAS ON PLANET EARTH fantasizes about in-between worlds, where movement happens and communicates through the materiality of light, sound, space and one human. Departing from the thought that vibration, frequency or electricity can dissolve boundaries of matter, we asked ourselves how are these mediums interacting? How deeply can they connect?

The piece negotiates ways of relation, generated by constant shifts of perception, qualities and intentions. It explores ways of transmitting to life on or beyond our planet, communicating with an unknown other.

Working group:

Choreographer: Maya Oliva (MA in Choreography, artistic thesis)
Performer: Karoliina Loimaala (guest)
Lighting design: Alina Pajula (BA in Lighting Design)
Sound design: Antti Kainulainen (MA in Sound Design)
Scenography: Sanni Häkkinen (Tampere University)

(Please note that the performances 14.6., 16.6.  and 17.6. are reserved from booking in anticipation of restrictions for June.)


11.6.2021 at 18:00

12.6.2021 at 14:00

14.6.2021 at 18:00

15.6.2021 at 18:00

16.6.2021 at 18:00

17.6.2021 at 18:00


Theatre Academy main building Kookos, Theatre Academy

Haapaniemenkatu 6

00530 Helsinki

Studio 4, Theatre Academy

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