ONLINE CONCERT: The journey of the cello

Music is like books, it can take us anywhere.

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This concert is part of a pilot where we try new, lighter ways to do livestreams.

From a meditative walk in Russia, to the colors of Italy, from the story-telling of a biography, to Sami folklore, music carries us into an infinite scale of time and space possibilities, including unknown territories and new -yet to be discovered- landscapes. If we can’t travel much at the moment, the cello can!


Richard Wagner : Feierliches stück for 4 cellos
Martti Rousi, Sujari Britt, Laura Martin, Sirja Nironen, cello

Sujari Britt : No one’s driving for solo cello
Sujari Britt, cello

Alexander Scriabin : 2 poems op.32, arr. Piatigorsky
Ola Karlsson, cello
Valeria Resjan, piano

Tara Valkonen : Solo No.2 Anamnesis
Sirja Nironen, cello

Sergei Rachmaninov : cello sonata in g minor op. 19, 3rd movement
Martti Rousi, cello
Valeria Resjan, piano

Popper : Elfentanz for solo piano
Valeria Resjan, piano

Gian Carlo Menotti: Suite for two cellos and piano, movements 3&4
Sirja Nironen, Senja Rummukainen, cello
Mariko Furukawa: piano

Alisson Kruusmaa : Spring of Hope for cello quartet.

Bach : Suite No.1, Prelude, Sarabande, Courante
Jian Wang, cello

Aija Puurtinen : Witch and Sun my Faith
Piia Komsi, soprano coloratura
Lauri Kankkunen, Lauri Rantamoijanen, Jaani Helander, Laura Martin

Further inormation: Eeva Hohti

Jointly pruduced with CelloFest.


2.3.2021 at 19:00 – 20:30


Online concert


Free admission

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The concert will be streamed live from the R-Building’s concert hall