Live pop and cross-art performances by Music and Technology students.


PLEASE NOTE! The performance contains scents!

Onni Korhonen’s Pop Big Band

The ensemble performs an eclectic collection of songs by Onni Korhonen, which is as challenging in its intensity, as it is heartfelt. With influences ranging from modern jazz, to extreme metal and minimalist classical music, the performance aims to instil strong abstract feelings to the audience.
How manipulated should you allow yourself to be? It’s a question of believability and irony. Is the music believable? Is it honest?

Vocals, Guitar – Onni Korhonen
Guitar – Jonatan Snapir
Sampler & Guitar  – Jere Harjunniemi
Keys & Synth – Akseli Savola
Basso, Bass Synth – Matias Ärrälä
Drums – Aapo Lankinen
Flute – Martha Effe
Trumpet 1 – Jutta Virtanen
Trumpet 2 – Oiva Haapamäki
Alto Sax – Sakurako Ishiyama
Tenor Sax 1 – Olavi Stanek 
Tenor Sax 2 – Severi Hietala

Tales of the Beginning of Time 开天记 

Creation myths are present in all cultures, the Chinese story of Pangu – a titan who would split the sky and earth apart at the beginning of time, still carries with it a potency and richness that pangosmós collective have chosen to explore. Incorporating music, installation, theater and a multicultural cast and crew, the group hopes to interpret the story in a never before seen way. 

Composer/Librettist/Narrator: Jin Yong Oh 
Dramaturg: Konstantinos Avramis
Visual Art: Amiel Buchmann
Sound designer/Live electronics: Saku Liimatainen
Sound designer/Sound engineer: Nancy Tahlfeldt
Percussion/Actress: Vija Moore
Piano: Lambis Pavlou
Guitar: Mark Reid Bulatovič 
Accordion: Sabina Aftyka
Kantele: Senni Vesanen
Singer (fixed media): Wanqiu Long
Rehearsal conductor: Mateusz Gwizdałła 
Literature consultant: Haiyun Yu
Production team of Pangósmos: Angelica Begazo, Mark Reid Bulatovič, Lambis Pavlou, Sabina Aftyka, Jin Yong Oh



MuTeFest’22 a week of music creation with technology 29.11.–2.12.2022 

MuTeFest is an annual festival of concerts and events highlighting some of the many sides of the artistic work of the Centre for Music & Technology of the Sibelius Academy of Uniarts Helsinki.

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1.12.2022 at 19:00 – 20:00


Black Box

Mannerheimintie 13

00100 Helsinki

Helsinki Music Centre


6,50–18 €

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