Photo: Aapo Juusti


Thursday, December 5, 2019 - 13:00
Theatre Academy, Studio 4
Ticket sales begin 04.11.2019 12:00
Tickets: 7-17€
The Theatre Academy of the Uniarts Helsinki / Degree Programme in Dramaturgy
Swell is a performance that studies the experience of air and weather phenomena in relation to the sensing body.
The starting point of the performance has been the observation of physical weather phenomena which have a strong effect on feeling and experiencing. The work seeks to make performative situations out of temperature changes, climatic cycles and feedback loops, in relation to how persons on the stage perform, speak and move. Phenomena of the climate change are framed and embodied in non-linguistic forms, showing different ways on how the invisible touches on the visible.
Performance language is English.
Dramaturgy: Milka Luhtaniemi (Dma)
Concept and performers: Milka Luhtaniemi ja Selma Reynísdóttir (TK)
Lighting design: Veli-Ville Siven (Vma), Matias Eskelinen (V)
Sound design: Eero Pulkkinen (guest)
Set design: Oscar Dempsey (Aalto ARTS)
Tue 3.12 at 7 pm
Other Performances:
Wed 4.12. at 7 pm, Thu 5.12. at 1 pm, Sat 7.12. at 2 pm and 7 pm, Mon 9.12. at 7 pm
Studio 4
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