Ilman ulkopuolista yleisöä: Käännöksiä – Transpositions

Käännöksiä – Transpositions is an artistic event, which considers artistic research as a form of translation and creative transposition.

Käännöksiä – Transpositions entails getting lost in the process, while it also creates a space for something new to be found or encountered. What kinds of transpositions will emerge, when we shift between words, pictures and body language? The visitors are invited to move, play and create transpositions together with the working group. Käännöksiä – Transpositions is an artistic part in the doctoral research of
Tuire Colliander in the field of dance pedagogy.

Working group

  • Tuire Colliander
  • Miika Colliander
  • Jan Colliander
  • Kasimir Colliander
  • Nikolas Colliander


30.4.2021 – 5.5.2021


Studio 3, Theatre Academy

Haapaniemenkatu 6

00530 Helsinki

Theatre Academy main building Kookos, Theatre Academy

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