Global Fest: Wanqiu Long – Take Off Your Veil

This concert tells stories of women from different periods in ancient China

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A young girl who was longing for love, a bride getting married for love, a wife abandoned by her husband, a woman who could only stay at home while her talent was buried, a woman who is standing on a grand plateau singing about “the Roof of the World”.  

The concert attempts to interpret Chinese music from a new angle. It combines electroacoustic music with Chinese Kun opera, ancient poems, and folk singing. It draws inspiration from the Spring and Autumn period, Tang and Ming dynasties. 


Wanqiu Long, vocal
Bojana Pekovic, vocal  
Derek Oh Jin Yong, vocal  
Katariina Vuoristo, vocal  
Onni Rajaniemi, vocal  
Vasileios Katopodis, vocal  
Tony Wong, piano
João Matos Lopes, drum  
Chico Matada, drum
I-Han Fu, drum
Yonatan Quemado, violin
Iiris Tarnanen, vocals, cello  
Jaakko Arola, flute
Visuals by Wanqiu Long 

Global Fest 2021

Global Fest 2021 is the 5th edition of an annual festival featuring students, teachers, alumni and special guests representing Sibelius Academy’s Global Music Department. Bringing together artists from many corners of the world, the Global Music Department focusses on intercultural dialogue and collaboration, creating new artistic work together, and fostering a sense of global citizenship. Expect a feast of dynamic, innovative, inspiring concerts and pop up events, featuring performers from around the world celebrating the diversity of our planet.

Global Fest 2021 embraces performers from diverse corners of the world, including Aruba, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, China, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Latvia, Mozambique, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Syria, UK, USA, and Tanzania.


16.12.2021 at 18:30 – 19:30


Black Box

Mannerheimintie 13

00100 Helsinki

Helsinki Music Centre


Free admission

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