Photo: Heli Blåfield
Harri Kuusijärvi

The summer’s young artists: Harri Kuusijärvi, accordion

Kesän nuoret taiteilijat 2015
Friday, August 28, 2015 - 19:00 to 20:35
Music Centre, Camerata
Ticket sales begin 15.05.2015 13:00
Tickets: 5.00 EUR-15.00 EUR€
Tickets available
Contemporary music

Opus 2016, initiated by accordionist Harri Kuusijärvi, is a project that commissions new compositions. This concert presents one climax of this project, first performances of pieces by Sergio Castrillón, Artturi Rönkä, Lauri Supponen and Sauli Zinovjev. These four composers and their new pieces for the accordion and chamber music ensemble present an extensive insight into the contemporary young generation art music at its freshest. In addition to first performances, the concert repertoire includes music by the Koutus group who published a debut album in 2014. In the concert, contemporary music is approached from the viewpoints of tradition, avant-garde, jazz and free improvisation.

Harri Kuusijärvi, accordion
Jyrki Myllärinen and Veikki Virkajärvi, electric guitar
Eero Tikkanen, bass
Tatu Rönkkö, drums
Ilkka Laivaara, flute
Antti Turtiainen, oboe
Markus Kaarto, clarinet
Asko Padinki, bassoon

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