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Community and Art seminar

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 09:00 to Thursday, September 20, 2018 - 16:00
Theatre Academy
Free entry
The seminar on the community art, art-based methods and new dimensions of the future work in University of the Arts Helsinki.

The seminar is full, but it can be followed by a live stream from the seminars page or it can be watched from a separate screen on the spot. There is space in the afternoon's small groups.  You are also welcome to watch the movie on Wednesday at 7.30 pm! None of these needs to be registered to. At the end of this page you find listed the program that will be in english.


The seminar on the community art, art-based methods and new dimensions of the future work brings together a large number of practitioners and researchers of the community art from the fields of performing arts, fine arts and music. This three-day seminar focuses on what the art-based practises and community art can mean today, what is the knowledge of artists and art pedagogues and what are the unique aspects of it, that are sharable as methods and possibilities.

Artists' professional images are expanding while the concept and role of art gains new dimensions in diverse business environments and work communities. Many artists and art pedagogues have worked for a long time with community art, but there are still limited forums of discussion in the field. Both the authors and the students have the need to share experiences, good practices and problems, to gain more information and to get together to reflect on the issues on the field.

The aim of the seminar is to think in a multidisciplinary ways about

  • Artists' expanding professional job descriptions and identities
  • New forms of cooperation between artists and working life
  • Questions of art and social inclusion
  • Sharing Cases, Methods, and Practices
  • Break up problems and opening up new opportunities
  • Raises awareness and appreciation of community and participatory arts
  • Networking and compiling information on subscribing and producing agencies both nationally and locally

The seminar consists of a total of 30 case presentations and commentary from different fields of art and the social sectors. In addition to these, five key lectures will be heard. The speakers are Assistant Professor Nicholas Rowe from Auckland University of New Zealand, Professor Allan Owens from University of Chester of Great Britain, Dance Artist Judith Marcuse from Canada, Professor Kai Lehikoinen and Doctor of Arts Kirsi Törmi from University of the Arts Helsinki.

In addition, there is an opportunity for socializing and networking in the 'Learning wine bar', as well as watching Nicholas Rowe's movie Dancing in 7 Cities

The lectures and speeches of the seminar are recorded and later published as proceedings online publication, that remains in the online learning material database of the University of the Arts Helsinki. We believe the seminar will be interesting and rewarding event that both empowers and serves as an inspiration to new initiatives and ideas for the arts and the community. Welcome!

The hole program available here.

English speaking program:


12.00 Introduction by Professor Kai Lehikoinen and Kirsi Törmi (Finnish and English)

12.15-14.00 Session in English – moderator Professor Eeva Anttila

12.15-13.15 Keynote: Artistic Producer Judith Marcuse (Canada): Art for social change

13.15-13.45 Keynote: Kai Lehikoinen: Expanding professionalism in the arts: competencies for hybrid contexts

13.45-14.00 Discussion 


9.30 - 11.30 Moderator Professor Kai Lehikoinen

9.30-10.30 Keynote: Professor of Drama Education Allan Owens: Transprofessional Contexts & Creativity and Democracy in Education

10.30-10.50 Case: MMus, Doctoral Researcher Hanna Kamensky: From reflective to reflexive practitioner in music education system

10.50-11.10 Case: Head of Outreach and Engagement Katja Kirsi: Is there space for artistic process in school environment? Zodiak’s kinesthetic language workshops at comprehensive schools

11.10-11.30 Discussion

17.30-19.30 Learning wine bar – fasilitator Kai Lehikoinen, studio 702

19.30 Screening of Dancing7Cities, film by Nicholas Rowe (Length: 55 minutes), Auditorium 1


klo 10.00 - 11.00 Keynote: Associate Professor Nicholas Rowe: Dance and the Politics of Exclusion - moderator Riku Saastamoinen


Further information:
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