Michael Dudeck: Religion of the Species

Monday, May 22, 2017 - 18:00 to 20:00
Theatre Academy, Auditorio 1
MAECP Presents an Open Lecture by Michael Dudeck

When modern science began its rapid development in Europe’s early modern period, it did so within the framework of a dominant Christian worldview. Scientific research was conceived as a religious task; it was both a means of understanding the wisdom of God manifest in Creation and a way to worship Him. Religion, particularly Judeo-Christian mythology, had hitherto accounted for the creation of  "Man and Nature" by an omnipotent bodiless male deity, whilst Evolutionary theory was beginning to compete with Genesis as a foundational origin myth. As Evolutionary Theory evolved, one key differentiation was used repeatedly to “set us apart" from our simian ancestors : that is, and continues to be, our capacity to construct and produce abstract, symbolic images.

Humanity’s “transcendence” from Primate to Sapien, in addition to being emblematic of White Pathology, also happens to follow a messianic principle central to all Judeo(Mosaic) / (Christ)ian texts : through our evolutionary advantages we arose from a religiosity subjugated by Nature to one that “subdues” and enslaves it, employing our biblically-sanctioned dominance over Nature and every other living thing as a “Chosen Species” fulfilling a myth of Evolutionary Deliverance.

The Religion of Species explores and excavates Evolution as a modern origin myth steeped within Judeo-Christian Messianic codes. Dudeck animates the material through the ritual insertion of artifacts and documents of his performative artistic practise (which itself remixes religious and evolutionary narratives to produce a hybrid queer origin myth for the Posthuman era) and through a number of case studies that illuminate key biblical/religious motifs embedded within the codes and annals of the Religion of Evolution. 


Michael Dudeck is an artist, writer and cultural engineer who decodes dominant cultural mythologies and re-codes them into contemporary fictions. His work is divided into four streams : The Religion Virus [an invented queer religion and prehistory], Punc Arkæology [a pedagogical software system] Crytical Mythopoesis [crypto-fictional meta-mythologies] and The Museum of Artificial Histories [an imaginary institution housing artifacts and alternate information systems]. He has performed, exhibited, screened and lectured in over 20 countries including Canada, The United States, Italy, Germany, The United Kingdom, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, France, Holland, Greece, and many others. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Village Voice, The Globe and MailCanadian ArtBorder CrossingsView on Canadian Art, and is included in the publications The Younger than Jesus Artist Directory [Phaidon], The Artist is Present [Moma] and Queer Spirits [Creative Time].

He has published three original artist monographs Parthenogenesis [2009], Religion [2012] and The Genesis Complex [2014] and his fourth The Encyclopedia Messianica is currently in production. He lives and works in Rome, Italy, and in the Fall of 2017 he will begin his Practise-led PhD at the Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland.

Michael will be performing in LAPSody 2017 | The Bubble http://lapsody2017.com/