Public examination of the doctoral degree of Denis Patkovic

Saturday, December 1, 2018 - 12:00
Music Centre, Organo
Public examination
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Public examination of the doctoral degree.

Thesis: Resilienz in der Musik ‒ Erörterungen zu den Fähigkeiten von Künstlern, mit Krisen im Leben umzugehen (Resilience in Music – viewpoints of the artists’ abilities to deal with crises in life.)

Artistic project: The aim of the concert series was to display different aspects of literature for concert accordion. A second fundamental intention was to present a diversity in expression: as a soloist and combined with an orchestra.

Examiners of the thesis: DMus Annikka Konttori-Gustafsson, Professor, Dr. Roberto Lalli delle Mallebranche

The board which assessed the artistic demonstrations: Jukka Tiensuu, Matti Rantanen,
Mie Miki, Kimmo Hakola, Helka Kymäläinen

The custos: Professor, PhD Anne Kauppala

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