Photo: Rob Verf

Saastamoinen Keynote Lecture: Andrea Giunta: What We Can or Cannot See in Latin American Art

Saastamoinen Keynote
Tuesday, February 4, 2020 - 18:00 to 20:00
Exhibition Laboratory
Free entry

The lecture is in English. Admission is free.

Argentinian Andrea Giunta is an art historian, researcher and professor who has published widely on Latin American and international art, memory and politics, the power of images – especially Picasso’s Guernica - and gender and feminism in art. Giunta’s visit is part of the fine arts internationalisation programme started by the Academy of Fine Arts and the Saastamoinen Foundation in 2015, which, in addition to lectures, includes international mentoring and residence activities for MA students and alumni of the academy.

Featured in biennials, and solo and group exhibitions, Latin American art today enjoys greater visibility than it did at the end of the last century. A number of anthological exhibitions of Latin American art were organized in the context of the five hundredth anniversary of the Conquest of the Americas. While those exhibitions, and others that followed, gave visibility to Latin American art, they also exposed the limitations of the canon that had taken shape around it—a white and patriarchal canon.

The exhibition Radical Women (2017-2018) problematized the blind spots in that canon, shedding light on the dazzling and sophisticated work produced by female artists from Latin America. But other areas were left in the dark. If more than half of the population of Latin America is of African or indigenous descent, why has their work been excluded from visions of Latin American art? Is there none? Or do we just fail to see it?

This presentation analyzes the difficulties of introducing an intersectional perspective in Latin American art. The work of Afro-Brazilian artist Rosana Paulino and of Mexican Tzotzil artist Maruch Sántiz is presented in order to begin to learn about languages and archives that demonstrate the urgent need to transform our gaze and to devise new geopolitics of artistic knowledge.

Andrea Giunta is a writer, curator, professor at Universidad de Buenos Aires, and visiting scholar at the University of Texas at Austin. She is Principal Reasearcher at CONICET, Argentina. Author of several books on Latin American art that include: Escribir las imágenes. Ensayos sobre arte argentino y latinoamericano (Buenos Aires, Siglo XXI, 2011); Avant-garde, Internationalism and Politics. Argentine Art in the Sixties (Durham, Duke University Press, 2007). In 2018, she published Feminismo y arte latinoamericano. Historias de artistas que emanciparon el cuerpo (Buenos Aires, Siglo XXI, 2018 – English translation forthcoming by The University of California Press). Co-curator of Radical Women. Latin American Art, 1960-1985, she is currently curating the Bienal 12. Porto Alegre, that with the title of Feminin(s). Visualities, Actions, and Affects, will open in April 2020.