Sondheim! An introduction to the texts and music of Stephen Sondheim

Saturday, January 28, 2017 - 18:30 to 20:00
Music Centre, Sonore
Music theatre
Free entry
This performance was created at a joint musical theatre course of the Theatre Academy and the Sibelius Academy.


To 26.1. kl. 18.30
Fr 27.1. kl. 18.30
Lö 28.1. kl. 18.30

Questions that deserve an answer:
Who is Stephen Sondheim? Why is he so important? “Hey, what’s the style here?” Where does Broadway start, and where does it go? What is a melodrama? Why do singers spread out their arms? Who was late for rehearsal? Does anyone wear a hat any more?

On stage: Jonnakaisa Risto, Janna Räsänen, Sonja Silvander and Marko Nurmi (Theatre Academy), and Nea Alanko, Iris Hernandez-Toppari, Helena Puukka and Aurora Marthens (Sibelius Academy)
Conducting students and practice orchestra of the Sibelius Academy
Jukka Ruotsalainen, coaching
Atso Almila and Markku Luuppala, musical coaching
Riitta-Liisa Keränen, vocal coaching
Marko Hilpo, repetiteur

Further information:
Anna Jaskiewicz, 050 526 2005,